Marleen Bartley

I am Marleen Bartley, Ph.D candidate and MPhil graduate of the Department of History at UWI Mona and lecturer in History and Social Studies at Shortwood Teachers' College.

My Particular research interest is the development of distance education in Jamaica during the twentieth century. This involves various forms of teaching/learning activities not conducted completely on the basis of regular, face-to-face interactions in conventional classroom setting.

In the past, I have participated in syllabus writing as well as the review of syllabi for teachers' college in Jamaica. I have also contributed a chapter to Kathleen E.A. Monteith and Glen Richards (eds.) Jamaica in slavery and Freedom: History, Heritage and culture (2002).

It is my belief that the study of history gives one a sense of place/ belonging in the wide sweep of time; it helps us to better appreciate change and continuity; while providing an informed perspective for assessing the achievements of the past and looking foward the promises of the future.