Master of Arts (M.A. Arts)




Master of Arts (M.A. History)

Offered Part-time only for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Entry Requirements:    Applicants should possess at least a Lower Second Class Honours degree in History with very good Bs in Level II or III History courses.

Seminars:    M.A. candidates are required to present a paper and their research paper topic in the Staff/Graduate seminar workshop held each year in April. 
M.A. History candidates are required to attend a minimum of 50% of the weekly scheduled Staff/Graduate Seminars (Fridays at 3pm – 5pm in the Graduate Conference room).

Programme: Students are required to read a total six courses and to write a research paper (HIST6700) of between 10,000 - 15,000 words.
Graduate students are required to attend the Staff/Graduate Seminars each year.

Courses offered in 2015-2016

Part-Time Offering - Year 1 of the two- year schedule

Semester I

HIST6707           Family History: Cross Cultural and Comparative Perspectives

Semester II

HIST6401            The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy:Western Europe between the Wars (1918-1939)

HIST6704             Oral History, Values and Techniques
HIST6700             Research Paper (compulsory)

Duration:    Part-time students are expected to complete the programme in twenty-four months (over a period of two academic years).  
Full-time students are expected to complete the programme in twelve months (normally September to July).  

Research Paper:    The research paper may be related to interests developed from the courses and other studies. A proposal must be submitted by November approval and assignment of a supervisor.