PhD in History


Entry Requirements:    Qualification for this programme is normally the MPhil. Students registered for the MPhil. may in certain circumstances have their registrations upgraded to the Ph.D.  Such students must demonstrate an ability to cope with research at the higher level and a capacity to complete in good time.

Programme:    Presentation of a thesis of a suitable standard and length not exceeding 80,000 words on an approved subject.
The Ph.D thesis must be a new and substantial contribution to the current historiography, that is worthy of publication and shows clear evidence of original research. 

The Ph.D candidate must also take an oral examination (Viva) following submission of the thesis. This examination will cover their general field of study and the subject of the thesis.

Seminars:  All PhD students who have completed the first year of their registration are required to present their Thesis Proposal in  a Seminar       during their second year of registration. Students who are beyond the  proposal stage are required each year to present on a recent chapter of their research. Seminar presentations will be assessed on a pass/fail basis.  Students are also  required to attend a minimum of  75% of scheduled      Departmental Seminars each year.

Duration:    Full time students are allowed to complete the Ph.D programme in three calendar years, while part time within five years of their initial year of registration.
Examination:    A candidate for the degree, having submitted the thesis (HU900) and taken the oral examination, may be recommended to the Board for Graduate Studies and Senate for award of the degree, or may be required to re-submit the thesis within a specified time period and/or repeat the oral examination, or may be pronounced to have failed outright.