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Frequently asked Questions

I wish to be provided with housing on campus. Is this possible?

It is not always possible to facilitate this request as the number of houses and flats owned by the University, on or near to the campus, are inadequate to house all staff members.

Newly recruited staff members are usually provided with leased housing within a five-mile radius of the Campus. Your name will be placed on the housing list for consideration for campus housing when it becomes available.

How do I get my name on the housing list? Is it automatic?

As a newly recruited staff member your name is automatically placed on the list.

How is the size of the accommodation determined?

The size of the accommodation is based on the position level, marital status, and number of children.

What am I entitled to?

Based on the University’s rules concerning eligibility, the policy adopted for allocation of housing is as follows:

Status Eligibility

Status Eligibility
Assistant Lecturer, single 1 bedroom
Assistant Lecturer, married, 1 child 2 bedrooms
Lecturer, single 2 bedrooms
Lecturer, married, no children 2 bedrooms
Senior Lecturer, single 2 bedrooms
Assistant Lecturer, married, with two or more children 3 bedrooms
Lecturer, married, one or two children 3 bedrooms
Senior Lecturer, married, no children 3 bedrooms
Lecturer, married, three or more children 4 bedrooms
Senior Lecturer, married, one or more children 4 bedrooms
Professor 4 bedrooms

Are household appliances and furniture provided?

Basic items of furniture, linen and crockery are available from the University, at a cost, for up to three months.

What household articles should I bring?

You are encouraged to bring as much as possible, e.g. your own linen.
Note: All household equipment should be in your possession for a period of not less than six months, in order not to attract duty. It is advisable where equipment is fairly new to be able to produce receipts for the information of the customs officials.

What electrical voltage/cycle is used in Jamaica?

The voltage is 110 AC 50 cycles. It is possible to install outlets with 220 volts for domestic appliances. If you intend to bring domestic electrical equipment, you are advised to import a small transformer.

What about cooking facilities?

Cooking gas is not piped to houses in Jamaica, but is supplied in cylinders by various gas companies.