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Code: CLTR2501/AR25A - Title: Caribbean Cultural Studies
Prerequisite: CLTR 1001 - Credit: 3 - Semester: 1     
Lecturer:  Dr. Sonjah Stanley Niaah

This course introduces students to theories of Cultural Studies generally, and Caribbean Cultural Studies specifically. It highlights the main cultural practices in the Caribbean, with particular emphasis on Jamaica, and relates them to the study of culture in general. Students are expected to use and analyze race, class and gender as frames of reference for understanding cultural practices and power relations.  As such, the course also offers students a platform from which to interpret cultural expression in its broadest political sense. Students are expected to show familiarity with the leading intellectual interpretations of Caribbean culture.
Coursework: 40% (Tutorial Presentation – 15% and Essay – 25%)
Exam: 60%

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