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Code: CLTR2519/AR25S - Title: Deconstructing the Culture of Sport
Prerequisite: None - Credits: 3 - Semester: 2
Lecturer:  TBA

Both professional pursuit and recreational pastime, sport means different things to different people, and as an influential social force it also plays a critical role in shaping the lives of the youth. This course uses sport as a framework for analyzing and interpreting human dynamics in teams, clubs, institutions, and by extension, the nation. The course sensitizes students to the psychological, social, economic and political forces that impact on the development of sport in the Caribbean, and the world in general. Students will be introduced to theories of deconstruction, afro-centricity, play, games and sport, and will draw on them to examine the inter-relationship of history, culture, society and sport. Various sports such as horse racing, boxing, athletics, cricket, football, tennis and netball will be explored.
Coursework: 60% (Tutorial Presentation – 15%, Research Paper – 30% & Field work – 15%)
Exam: 40%

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