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Code: CLTR2524/AR25X - Title: African Religious Retentions in the Caribbean
Prerequisite: None - Credit: 3 - Semester 2 & Summer
Lecturer:  Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama

This course examines the contribution of Africa and its people to Caribbean religious expressions.  The course explores the dominant worldview of traditional African culture and explains a number of its concepts such as religion, superstition, spirit belief and syncretism, as well as African cultural approaches to health and healing.  Students will identify and examine African influenced religious in the region and explore the influence of African culture upon Christianity in the Caribbean.  Classes are structured in a seminar format with a lecture presentation, followed by discussion of key issues.

Coursework: 30% (Tutorial Presentation – 10% and Essay – 20%)
Exam:  70%

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