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Code: CLTR2605/AR26E - Producing Culture: Music Events & Festivals
Prerequisite: CLTR 2505/AR25E - Credits: 3 - Semester: 2
Lecturer: Mr. Alpha Obika 

Interested in the business of show business? This course offers students an introduction to the business aspects of cultural production and the theory underpinning this activity. Students are exposed to production concerns in organizing events and festivals, and staging music and other live forms of entertainment. There is also a focus on the entrepreneurial efforts that have led to the development of entertainment genres.   Upon completion of the course, students should be able to discuss the importance of thoroughness in planning for an event, apply creativity, ‘out of the box’ thinking and construct a detailed event plan for any event concept.

Coursework: 40% (Tutorial Presentation – 20% and Detailed Event Plan – 20%)
Exam: 60%

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