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Code: CLTR 2705/AR27E - Title: Music Business Management
Prerequisite: CLTR 1001 - Credits: 3 - Semester: 1
Lecturer:  Dr. Ray Hitchins

Performing artistes and music creators are the most visible components of the music industry, but actually represent only a small fraction of the activity necessary to bring music to its audience. Distribution, publishing, recording, artist management, promotion, producing, and booking of talent are also vital elements of this global multi-billion dollar industry. This course presents a broad overview of the recording and music industry and, with special emphasis on Jamaica, explains how various segments of the industry operate on a day to day basis. The course introduces students to career opportunities that are available within the industry and is essential for persons who want to work in this business or who want to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how it operates. Students will gain insight into where monies in the industry are generated; who the key players are; how deals are made and broken and how to exploit new developments in digital technology that are changing the way that music is marketed, promoted, distributed, and heard.

Coursework: 60% (Essay – 20%, Management Project – 20% and Business Report – 20%)
Exam: 40%

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