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Code: CLTR3518/AR35R - TitleRastafari In The Global Context
Pre-requisite: CLTR2518/AR25R - Credits: 3 - Semester  2
Lecturer:  Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama

From its beginnings in Jamaica the Rastafari Movement has become known and recognized around the world. This course will examine the challenges the Movement faces as it grows, and grows away from its core Jamaican locale, and will critically assess the Rastafari worldview as an African Diaspora knowledge system on the world stage. Students will explore the strategies employed by the Rastafari of Jamaica to spread its culture and livity around the globe and will examine the Movement and its journey, vision and message within Jamaican and international communities. The course will also address the contribution of Rastafari to Pan Africanism and global liberation struggles in general.

Coursework: 60% (Field Report)
Exam:  40%

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