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Code: CLTR3905/AR39E - Title: Caribbean Fashion: Theory, Development and Industry
Prerequisite: CLTR1001/AR10A - Credits: 3 - Semester: 2 
Lecturer:  Dr. Sonjah Stanley-Niaah

This course is designed for the Entertainment and Cultural Enterprise Management and the Cultural Studies programmes.  Recognizing the rise in the importance of this sector within the region, students will learn how to critically assess the contribution and potential of this industry to further contribute to the region’s development.

The course examines fashion history and its theorizing with a view to exploring the Caribbean Fashion Industry (CFI) as a sector of the region’s cultural/creative industries and examines its potential as a catalyst for socio-economic development of the region.  Students will be introduced in detail to the CFI’s trends, horizontal and vertical linkages and other peculiarities of this industry as well as uncover its relation to the other cultural industries of the Caribbean.  The course combines innovative teaching methods using field/site visits and exposure to practitioners and brings together specific and general elements of the fashion industry, while raising questions about Caribbean fashion, its history, theorizing, and industrialization.

Course work - 50% (Essay 20%, Field work project report or Critique of a fashion event 30%)
Final Exam - 50%

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