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Prerequisite: None - Credits: 3 - Semesters: 1, 2 & 3 (Summer)
Lecturer:  Ms. Nicole Plummer

The course is designed to provide a survey of the Caribbean’s history and culture, commencing with the arrival of the Neo-Indian peoples (ca. 5000BC) through to the present day.  Students will be exposed to various topics to help them understand the Caribbean’s progression through time, and gain insight into the cultural, economic, social and intellectual trends and their supportive institutions that have emerged in the Caribbean. The course stresses the commonality of the Caribbean as a region comprising more than individual island nations or linguistic groups, but attention is also paid to differences that have emerged because of colonialism, demography, climate and historical progress. The course aims to stimulate students’ interests in the concept of a Caribbean civilization and to place it within the context of understanding their individual lives and the lives of those around them. It is hoped that it will stimulate greater interest in the idea of Caribbean unity.

Coursework: 40% (Mid-Semester Exam)
Exam: 60%

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