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Code: MUSC1100 - Title: Music in World Cultures
Prerequisite: None - Credit: 3 - Semesters: 1& 2
Lecturers: Dr. Ray Hitchins

This survey course will develop students’ understanding of different ways people in various cultures around the world conceptualize, perform, and consume music. The course will expose students to the musical traditions and performance practices of a variety of cultures. Listening to examples of different musics will form an integral part of the course. Students will be required to view recordings of live performances as they develop an understanding of the place of music in the world. The course will encourage students to examine their reactions to different types of music as they become more discriminating consumers/listeners. It is hoped that the course will help to foster openness to other cultures and tolerance for the unfamiliar.
Course work 50%
Field report: 30%
(Students will attend or watch a live performance and write a 1,500 word report)

Written Tutorial Presentation: 10%
One-hour listening test: 10%

*Students will be required to complete short-answer questions based on audio/audiovisual excerpts
Final 2-hour exam) 50%

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