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Code: MUSC2001- Title: Popular Musics of the Caribbean
Prerequisite: None - Credit: 3 - Semester: 2
Lecturer: Ms. Beryl Johnson

Today, while there is no mistaking Jamaican reggae, or the steel pan from Trinidad & Tobago, there remains some confusion among less well-known though equally important Caribbean popular genres, even among local populations. Using the methods of musicology and ethnomusicology, the course will explore the evolution and characteristics of different popular music genres in the multilingual Caribbean region.
Course work: 50%
Field report: 15% - (Students will watch, listen to or attend a live performance, and write a 1,500-word report)
Group project (2000 words): 15% - [Individual contribution: 10% Group contribution 5%]
Written tutorial presentation: 10%
One-hour listening test: 10%
*Students will be required to identify genres, performers, and complete short-answer questions based on audio/audiovisual excerpts.
Final 2-hour exam: 50%

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