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Code: MUSC2007 - Title: Recorded Sound in Jamaican Popular Music
Pre-requisite(s): None - Credits: 3 - Semester: 1                     
Lecturer:  Dr. Ray Hitchins                   

The course will offer a historical perspective on the development of Jamaican recording studios, discussing how musical performances are captured, as well as how recorded sound influences the process of music creation. The emergence of new music and sounds, evident in some forms of mixing, turntableism and controllerism will be considered in the context of technology, culture and economics that continually drive the development of popular music. The development of the Jamaican recording industry will be discussed, as will the way in which recording technology has been adapted to satisfy a range of local needs, and the emergence of the ‘Jamaican sound’. A diverse range of popular music will be analysed with a focus on the development of aural skills and the ability to recognize musical, programmed and engineered elements in recorded music. The course will appeal to a broad range of disciplines including music studies, media studies, cultural studies and computer science.
Course work

  • One 2,000 word essay, worth a total 30% of the course grade (5% of this  mark will be allotted to the essay draft)
  • Two aural tests worth a total of 20% of the course grade (10% each)

Final Exam

  • A two-hour written examination will make up 35% of the course grade
  • A one-hour aural examination will make up 15% of the course grade

(For aural tests students will be required to complete short-answer questions based on audio/audiovisual excerpts)

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