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Code: MUSC3002 - Title: The Production of Popular Music              
Pre-requisite(s): None - Credits: 3 - Semester: 1               
Lecturer:  Dr. Ray Hitchins
This course investigates how writing, arranging, performance, sound capture and commercial exploitation, are brought together as critical elements of the music production process. Although the course takes a broad view of music production, there is a focus on Jamaican popular music through the evaluation of local sound and identifying ways in which music production has been influenced by, but has also influenced, music from the rest of the Caribbean and diverse geographical locations.    

Music production models associated with North America and Europe will be analysed and discussed, providing a context for the production methodologies, which were adapted, but also expanded for the creation and capture of Jamaican popular music. This will include the earliest mento recordings of the 1950s, to the most recent computer based, digital recordings.
Course work

  • One 2500 word essay worth a total 30% of the course grade (5% of this 

  mark will be allotted to the essay draft)

  • Two aural tests worth a total of 20% of the course grade (10% each)

Final Exam

  • A two-hour written examination will make up 35% of the course grade
  • A one-hour aural examination will make up 15% of course grade
(For aural tests students will be required to complete short-answer questions based on audio/audio-visual excerpts)

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