Mona Teacher Newsletter

November,2010: Vol 1, Issue 2

Our Beliefs

Here at the IDU we value good teaching and we provide opportunities for faculty to develop their pedagogical skills.

We believe that:

  • The development of teaching is a professional responsibility that we should all take seriously. All faculty members should strive to become excellent teachers.
  • We are not necessarily born as good teachers. Good teaching is usually learned. In fact the whole business of learning to teach is essentially ongoing.

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Please rank the following activities in terms of their estimated effectiveness in improving teaching. Respond by indicating NOT your
personal view, but rather your prediction of how directors of teaching improvement centers around the world have ranked the effectiveness of these activities.

Place the number 1 below your prediction of the most effective practice, the number 2 below the second most effective practice and so on through to the number 6, the least effective practice.

Some Practices Designed to Improve Teaching