Arrival in Jamaica

When you arrive in Jamaica , there are a few things you will need to do.

You will be required to complete a Customs Declaration form following your flight into Jamaica. While CARICOM nationals are simply required to show their passports on landing, if you have arrived to Jamaica from outside of CARICOM, you may be ask to produce the following documents:

  • Your UWI, Mona Offer Letter
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of your stay in jamaica
  • A return ticket

Then, immigration will furnish your passport with a landing stamp for anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. If you are a CARICOM national, you may be landed for any period up to six months. However all students will be asked, subsequently, to upgrade from the visitor status to that of student, by extending the stipulated period for stay in the island. See Visa & Immigration support for more information, below.

Getting to The UWI, Mona: Aiprort pick-up service

Already cleared Immigration and Customs at the airport? The UWI, Mona provides a free 24-hour airport pick-up service that will take you directly to Residence Hall from the airport. At the airprot, you will be met by a UWI, Mona Official, and at your Residence Hall by either a Student Services Manager or a Resident Advisor who will welcome and assist you with settling in.

Simply let us know when you will be arriving in Jamaica after you've booked your ticket by sending us the date, your name and relevant flight information. Please note: If your flight lands after normal working hours (Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm), arrangements are also in place for you to be met at your Hall and given the key to your room.

You are asked to report to the InternationalStudents Office (ISO), after you've settled-in, the next working day following your arrival to Campus.


If you are not met by a UWI, Mona Official, then what...

NOTE: There is a reliable taxi service at the airport that can take you directly to the Mona campus, the Jamaica Union of Travelers Association (JUTA) taxi service. For your information, read the UWI, Mona Student Handbook or click here for information on Getting the UWI, Mona Campus.

Let us know if you've changed your plans

Arriving on another day or missed your flight? Let us know. It is easy to reschedule. Contact us.

Visa & Immigration Support

The Extension of Stay Policy—Applying for a Student Visa

Non-Jamaican students who plan to stay in Jamaica for more than six months are asked to apply for an extension of stay in the island. You are asked to apply for an extension of stay to upgrade the temporary visitor’s visa you would have received upon landing in Jamaica to a student visa reflecting your duration of study in the island.

Visa Support & The ISO 

If you need to extend your stay, the UWI-ISO has made it easy and convenient for students to do this without hassle. Having forged a special relationship with the Passport Immigration and Citizen Agency (PICA), the ISO facilitates the collection and processing of passports on campus during the major registration periods of September and January.

Visa processing is done through the ISO by PICA personnel.

All non-Jamaican students are asked to check to check the ISO website for the deadline to submit your passport and other relevant documents. Notices are also always mounted in the Residence Halls and are sent to each student’s email address.

In applying for an extension of stay, the following forms must be completed and submitted along with two (2) passport-size photographs, where applicable:

1. Application for Extension of Stay form
2. Alien Registration Card (if applicable) – passport size photographs are required when submitting the Alien Registration Card.
3. Application for Re-entry Visa (if applicable).

NOTE: Payment is required for the Extension of Stay visa processing and will differ based on country/nationality. For nationals of non-Commonwealth countries over the age of sixteen, and who will be residing in Jamaica for more than six months, completion of the Alien Registration Card is required. Re-entry visas, in accordance with Jamaican immigration regulations, “are issued to nationals of non-Commonwealth countries as well as citizens of Commonwealth countries on whom a visa requirement has been imposed and who are residing in Jamaica”.