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Exchanging to a Partner University

International Exchange


How it Works

The UWI has a wide and diverse range of international collaborations with current university partners in Asia, Central America, Europe, North and South America as well as the South Pacific. And we are still expanding!

Who can participate?

All UWI full-time students who meet the International Exchange programme eligibility criteria can study abroad. (See eligibility criteria below).


Exchange may be arranged for one semester but for no more than one academic year. Most universities arrange exchanges for a year rather than a semester. The deadline for submission of all applications is March 1 for Semester I or one Academic year, and October 1 for Semester II only.


Students are expected to study the equivalent of their second and third year courses at the host university. These courses must be approved by both the “home” and “host” institutions.

  • Approval and Academic Credits: The credits received from all previously approved courses taken on UWI’s Study Abroad programme will be treated exactlyas UWI courses and will apply towards your graduation requirement as major and minor credit.

    Your Academic Advisor/Department can advise you further regarding your specific degree requirements and give approval for credit transfer for your planned studies. You should meet with the International Exchange/Study Abroad Coordinator in the International Students Office (ISO) to discuss the academic system at your chosen University overseas, then complete the appropriate forms.

  • Language of Instruction: Your language of instruction will always be English unless you are going to be studying in French and/or Spanish-speaking countries.

Eligibility Crieria

  1. To be eligible for consideration for exchange programmes, students must be nominated by UWI, but approval for admission will be the responsibility of the “host” (receiving) university.
  2. To be eligible for selection the UWI student should:
    • Be registered as a full-time student;
    • Have completed at least one academic year at UWI, but not be in the last semester of his/her final year of study;
    • Have attained at least a GPA of 3.0; and,
    • Have no disciplinary action pending
Financial Aid
There are scholarships available for the International Exchange programme. See here.

How to Apply

Students interested in participating in the International Exchange programme should apply by following the below step-by-step guide:

step 1Visit the International Student Office (ISO). Discuss the options that are available to UWI students desirous of studying overseas with the ISO's Study Abroad Coordinator.

step 2Research your "host" institution and programme. To learn more about your host institution and to obtain information on programmes relating to your area of study, you should browse the websites of the university to obtain information on programmes relating to your specific areas of study. Download and print the host university's study abroad application form, all relevant course offerings and course outlines as it relates to your current programme and all information as it regards supporting documents required — usually your transcript, letters of reference, a bank statement, personal statement/reason for choosing the university, etc.
step 3Download and complete the UWI, Mona International Exchange application form. You must do this in consultation with your Head(s) of Department and you are expected to provide a print out (mentioned earlier) of all course offerings and course outlines relevant to your programme. with, and gain the approvals of, your Head(s) of Department and Dean of Faculty. Your Head of Department finalizes and approves your course selection and your Dean, your overall proposed plan of stuidy overseas. (This ensures you meet your major/minor requirements, are able to transfer credits and graduate on time). You will need their supporting statements before submitting the forms. the forms (the UWI and host university application forms), along with supporting documents, to the International Students Office. Feel free to contact us if any questions or points of clarification should arise. In order to track the the progress of your application, maintain contact with the International Student Office Coordinator.
Applications for:
  • Semester I or one academic year MUST be submitted by March 1.
  • Semester II MUST be submitted by October 1.

What happens at the end of my exchange?

You will be required to return to the Mona Campus to continue your programme of study. Upon your return, you are asked to check in with the International Students Office.

Where should I request transcript be sent?

In order to receive credits for courses you pursued at the host university, you are to request that your transcript be sent directly to: 

Mrs. Althea Gordon-Clennon
Senior Assistant Registrar & Head
International Students Office
University of the West Indies
Mona Campus


  • Scholarships are available for exchange students only; however, miscellaneous fees and other incidentals must be paid at the host  institution.
  • Tuition fees applicable to the Mona Campus must be paid before departure.
  • You must complete your UWI registration (as normal) before proceeding on exchange overseas.