Touring the Beautiful Kingston Harbour – the CTPR Balancing Leisure and Academics

Imagine how ‘burnt out’ we would all be without recreation, those half hour breaks between studying for an exam, vacation time, or exploring our hobbies?

The ability to balance academics with extracurricular activities (one of the most important skills a student can have or acquire) is something the UWI, Mona encourages in its students who number amongst the best and brightest in the Caribbean and, indeed, the world. The UWI knows that taking the time to relax and having fun is no subversion of academic goals but in fact a way to bolster them or, perhaps, in reality, pursue them.

At the UWI, Mona, the MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management programme may for some students combine the best of both worlds in its emphasis on the organization and planning of projects such as touring the scenic Kingston Harbour. The Tour is able, while providing a well-needed break from the traditional academic environment for students, to contribute to furthering policy research that has short term and long term relevance to the development of Jamaica’s tourism products.

Senior Intern/Researcher at the Centre for Tourism and Policy Research (CTPR), Igol Allen, will happily tell you that students can stow away if they so wish for a change of scenery to the Pedro Cays (one of two groups of offshore Jamaican islands) on the Kingston Harbour tour, run by the CTPR, sailing the world’s seventh largest natural harbour from Port Royal, formerly the “richest and wickedest little city on earth” to Lime Cay, Maiden Cay and others, along the Jamaican archipelago.

Jamaica is made up of over 20 small islands, rocks and cays located offshore the mainland, places formerly frequented by a long line of some of the most infamous pirates – Henry Morgan, Bartholomew Roberts, Three-Finger Jack, Calico Jack Rackham and most barbarous of hem all the hirsute Black Beard.

The tour of the harbour operated by the CTPR can include the services of in-house tour guides, food and music, and for sure promises a cultural adventure while still being educational and fun. Need a break from studies? Want to get away for a moment? Well, sign up for a tour with the CTPR, and go island hopping while still in Jamaica. For more information on the tour contact the Centre for Tourism and Policy Research at (876) 970-1467 or email Igol Allen at