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Frequently Asked Questions for Incoming Students

Is the campus safe?

The campus is patrolled 24 hours a day by the Campus Security/Guardsman, which is a professional security company. As with most Universities, you are encouraged to use common sense and normal precautions to help ensure your safety.

What kind of health care is available?

All students are required to purchase our Blue Cross health insurance plan. For more information, visit the health centre’s website www.health.uwimona.edu.jm. The UWI’s Health Centre provides primary health care, and is staffed by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists. The University Hospital is in close proximity to the campus as well.

How do I get a UWI catalogue?

All students are given a student handbook during Orientation. However, if you can't wait to take a peek, you can visit the online version of the handbook at www.srs.uwimona.edu.jm:1104/student_info/UG_booklet.pdf

Do you require on-campus students to purchase a meal plan?

No. Presently the University Campus housed several food facilities including KFC, Juicy patties, Pages Café and others. Students can purchase meals based on their preference.

 Do I have to live on campus?

No, but it is highly recommended. Housing is normally provided for international students. However, if a student chooses to live off campus the Accommodation Office will assist with the arrangement.

How do I apply for housing?

Students are required to indicate on the application forms their Hall of preference, when this is done an official application form is sent to the Student Services Managers of that Hall for processing. You can contact the housing website at isis.uwimona.edu.jm/oss/accommodation.html.

Is UWI located near the beach?

The beaches are 30 - 45 minutes away.

How many students are enrolled at UWI?

You will find approximately 15,000 total students at UWI, representing all Caribbean region and other countries. Of the total student body, 73% are female, and 27% male.

What sorts of activities are there at the campus?

At UWI you can participate in a variety of sports, clubs, organizations, and recreational activities. You will find a rich and diverse social and cultural life on the UWI campus. For more information please visit our website at mona.uwi.edu/campuslife/index.htm.


Frequently Asked Questions for Outgoing Students

Do I get academic credit for my studies abroad?

Credits earned while on exchange or Study Abroad are credited to your UWI degree. Grades for courses taken at external institutions are listed on your UWI transcript and are included in the calculation of your UWI grade point average if approved by Faculty.

Why should I participate in an exchange program?

Participating in an exchange program provides you with the opportunity to broaden your horizons and acquire new experiences.

Who can participate in an exchange program?

In order to be eligible for selection, you should be a UWI student • normally registered as a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student. • have spent at least one academic year at the UWI • not in the last semester of your final year of study. • have proficiency in the host country’s language (if necessary). • have attained at least a Grade ‘B’ average, GPA 3.0 or the equivalent. • have not been the subject of any disciplinary action and have no such action pending against him/her.

Why is it preferred that I study abroad during my second year?

This is in conformity of University regulations. By second year, you should have adapted to the demands of university life and have the skills required for study in a foreign teaching environment.

Where do I start the application process? How do I get an application?

In order to receive an application you must visit the Exchange Coordinator in the Admissions Section where you will be processed. You can visit our website at http://www.mona.uwi.edu/admissions/exchange.htm and print the application form. The deadline for applications is March 1, for one academic year or for the first semester, and October 1 for the second semester only.

If I only speak English, can I still go on exchange?

Yes, the language of instruction at many of UWI’s partner universities is English. By planning ahead. Specific language requirements are noted on each university’s profile.

How long will I be away?

Student exchanges may be arranged for one semester but for no more than one academic year. Summer programmes at overseas universities may also be arranged if offered under the exchange agreement.

Will participation in an exchange delay graduation?

Study abroad or exchange planned appropriately and in consultation with your academic department is intended to be an integral part of your degree programme without delaying graduation.

How much will it cost to go on an exchange?

You will pay tuition fees to UWI based on your student status. Other expenses include: • Airfare and travel • Health and travel insurance • Fees for visa, passport and other documents • Accommodation, food, entertainment, books and general living expenses. Please note that the cost of living in your host country may be higher or lower than Jamaica’s.

Is there any financial assistance for students on exchange?

The CUSAC bursary is awarded to students who are traveling to Universities in the Commonwealth who are members of the Commonwealth Universities Study Abroad Consortium (CUSAC). This includes airfare and £500.00. • The Millennium Fund is given to students who are traveling to the other two UWI campuses on Exchange Programme. This includes airfare and accommodation.

How are students selected for exchange?

Candidates are selected for placements at partner universities based upon: • Academic ability • Department/Faculty approval of equivalent courses • Suitability of the host institution’s program for meeting degree requirements.