Why Study Abroad?

Why Study Abroad at the UWI, Mona?

If you are a student who wants to study in jamaica at a dynamic institution committed to offering quality higher education, you've come to the right place: The UWI, Mona. The Mona Campus has been welcoming students from around the globe for over 50 years.

Let us share with you a vision for the future, provide you with a pathway to success and realize your lifelong educational and professional goals. No stranger to success the UWI counts over 16 regional prime ministers as alumni, thousands of scientists, researchers, cultural icons, teachers, entrepeneurs, lawyers and medical personel, influential in all sectors of society around the globe. The UWI Mona allows you to study at a very competitive cost. Have an excellent, first-rate academic experience, and meet students from various parts of the world, while enjoying  the beutiful island of Jamaica.

Increasing Your Marketability

According to studies, employers are increasingly looking for, graduates who have had international/intercultural experiences. They view them as having a distinct advantage over their counterparts who have not had similar exposure. For students with an intercultural experience, there are greater opportunities for international employment, continuing studies abroad, and career development opoportunities.

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Gaining Perspective

One word: diversity. The Mona Campus is a place blending may things together—the historic and modern, the cutting edge and the traditional, a fantastic range of extra-curricular activities (where we continue to set ever higher standards for ourselves, especially in sports) and a wealth of academic programmes across our faculties that are in tune with Caribbean and international demands. 

You may benefit from studies at the UWI, Mona by better understanding the rich cultural environment; unique course offerings, especially in the disciplines of Marine Biology, Horticultural and Cultural Studies; and through interactions with our international and Caribbean students coming from over 50 countries around the world. 

Soon it will be a world without borders/boundaries. Let the UWI, Mona help make you a global citizen.

Personal Growth — Making an Impact

Did you know some of the most famous thinkers, inventors and scientists have opted to study abroad? From Aristotle to Noah Webster to Mother Theresa, the list of philosphers, lexicographers, teachers, actors, doctors and scientists have all benefitted from an international experience. Not least of all is the fact that contrary to what was, centuries ago, a privelege for the social elite, studying abroad is now an option open to all.

A month, a semester or year abroad is a good way for students to develop and hone transferable skills. Immerse themselves in a different culture. Experience the World.  Gain cultural insight. Make valuable contacts. Broaden their horizons . And what better way than studying in the Caribbean as part of the UWI's Study Abroad Programme.

Interested, intrigued? Who can tell me more?


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