Semester I

LAW1010         Law & Legal Systems

LAW1110         Criminal Law I

LAW1231         Legal Methods Research & Writing I

FOUN1101       Caribbean Civilization

FOUN1201       Science, Medicine & Technology in Society


Semester II

LAW1020         Constitutional Law

LAW1120         Criminal Law II

LAW1232         Legal Methods Research & Writing II

LAW1310         Law of Torts I

LAW1410         Law of Contract I

FOUN1002       Language Argument




Semester I

LAW2010         Law of Torts II

LAW2110         Law of Contract II

LAW2210         Real Property I

LAW2310         Public International Law I

LAW2510         Jurisprudence


Semester II

LAW2220         Real Property II

LAW2320         Public International Law II

LAW2710           Administrative Law

LAW2810         Equitable Remedies

LAW2910         Commonwealth Caribbean Human Rights Law



N.B. Please note that Level III courses may not be offered in the semester listed.


Semester I

LAW3020     Employment Law

LAW3050     The Law of the Sea

LAW3110     Company Law

LAW3150     Revenue Law

LAW3170     Law of Trusts

LAW3210     Family Law I (Husband & Wife)

LAW3260     Gender & the Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean

LAW3460     International Environmental Law

LAW3550     General Principles of Private International Law

LAW3660     Caribbean Securities Regulation

LAW3720     International Law of Human Rights    

LAW3740    Comparative Law 

LAW3760    Intellectual Property Law

LAW3840    Alternative Disputes Resolution


Semester II


LAW3010    Industrial Relations Law

LAW3120    Law of Corporate Management

LAW3140    Law of Corporate Insolvency

LAW3180    Administration of Trusts & Estates

LAW3220    Family Law II (Children)

LAW3230    Family Law III (De Facto Families)

LAW3280    International Mooting

LAW3290    Supervised Independent Research Paper

LAW3330    Law of International Trade

LAW3340    European Union Law

LAW3350    Oil & Gas Law (Online)

LAW3400    Insurance Law

LAW3450    Caribbean Environmental Law

LAW3620    Law of International Organizations 

LAW3630    Caribbean Integration Law

LAW3640    Introduction to Offshore Law

LAW3645    Commonwealth Caribbean Sports Law

LAW3765    Law, Technology & the Internet

LAW3770    Advanced Legal Writing

LAW3865    Introduction to International Investment Law

LAW3930    The Law of International Courts & Tribunals

LAW3940    Entertainment Law