Faculty & Administration

Academic Staff

  • Attorney-at-Law
    LL.B. (Hons) (UWI) LL.M. (Cantab) Ph.D. (Lond)
    Corporate Misconduct Law, Law of Ethics, Financial Services Regulation
  • Revenue Law, Insurance Law
  • B.A. & LL.B.(UWI), PHD (RU), LL.M. (Col)
    Int’l Trade Law, Int’l Organizations
  • Attorney-at-Law
    LL.B. (Hons.) (UBB,UNIZAR) LL.M. (UUTR) Ph.D. (UUTR)
    Gender and Human Rights, Gender-based violence, Human Rights Law, Implementation of Law and Policy
  • Attorney-at-Law
    B.A. (UWI) LL.B. (UWI) LL.M. (Lond) M.A. (UWI) Ph.D. (UWI)
    Financial Regulation, Insolvency Law, Language and the Law, Corporate Law
  • B.A. (UWI), MA (Andrews), LL.B. & LL.M. (UWI)
    Family Law
  • Attorney-at-Law
    LL.B. Hons. (UWI) LL.M. (Lond),
    Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law

Administrative Staff

Customer Service Representative

Senior Administrative Assistant (Facilities Management)

  • Senior Administrative Assistant (Facilities Management)

Administrative Assistant (Actg.)

Senior Administrative Assistant II (Operations)

Administrative Officer

Administrative Secretary (Student Matters)