Your Questions Our Answers

Your Questions Our Answers

Q:        What are matriculation requirements for entry into the Law Programme?

A:        Candidates must possess a minimum of five (5) CXCs, including two (2) CAPE subjects or a first degree with a grade point average of 3.0 and above.


Q:        Is this Law programme the same as the one offered at Cave Hill Campus?

A:        Yes. The content and the examination are identical.  The only difference is the fee structure. 


Q:        What is the duration of the programme?

A:        Three years.


Q:        Is this programme offered part-time?

A:        Yes.


Q:        What is the name of the degree I will receive at the end of the programme?

A:        LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws)  


Q:        Does this degree qualify me for entry to the Norman Manley Law School?

A:        Yes.


Q:        What is the tuition for studying Law at Mona?

A:        The tuition fee is US$10,000.


Q:        Are bursaries available?

A:        Bursaries ranging from US$1,000 to US$4.000 are available to successful applicants.  Once you receive your offer of entry you should immediately apply for a bursary.


Q:        How do I apply for the bursaries?

A:        Application information is available from the office of Student Financing.


Q:       Am I eligible for any other financial assistance?

A:       We are presently looking into this with the hope of establishing loan schemes with various financial institutions.  Some scholarships are available for years two and three of the LL.B. Programme. 


Q:        Am I eligible for Students’ Loan?

A:        Students in full-fee programmes are not normally eligible for Students’ Loan; however, the Mona Campus is in dialogue with the Ministry of Education in the Hope that this programme will be considered for accessing loans. The Students Loan Bureau have instituted a Parents Plus Loan for parents.  This Loan becomes payable during the period of training and not at the end as with the other student loans from the Bureau.


Q:        Am I eligible for on-Campus accommodation?

A:        Yes; however, this should have been indicated in your application but does not guarantee a place on hall.


Q:        What is the qualification for entry as a non-government sponsored (Mona) LL.B student?

A:        Five subjects of which at least must be at the advanced level (2 Units of CAPE each or 2 A-Levels); a degree with competitive grades from a recognised university; or equivalent qualifications.


Q.        May I request leave of absence from the LL.B degree programme offered at Mona?

A:        Yes. You will be required to pay miscellaneous fees that include insurance for access to health centre and pharmacy on campus.


Q:        Will I be able to participate in student activities if enrolled in the LL.B programme offered at Mona?

A:        Yes. Included in the miscellaneous fees are a small hall attachment fee, Guild of Undergraduate membership fees and a small fee for access to UWI transportation on and off campus.  You will also be eligible to participate in the various clubs and societies on Campus.


Q:        Whom do I contact if I require academic information or assistance?

A:        You should contact the Faculty of Law Office at 927-1855, 977-4860, 702-4392 or email:


Q:        Whom do I contact if I need registration information?

A:        You are to contact the Student Records Unit at 927-1660-9 or 935-8490.