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Dr. N. Benkeblia has been working on food sciences and technologies from 1991. He started his work on crops physiology and biochemistry, preservation technologies such as irradiation, chemicals, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), rare gases and other natural biological compounds (essential oils). From 2000, he focused his research on the postharvest metabolism of carbohydrates, mainly fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and fructans, and their impact on crops qualities. He also introduced new tools of "Metabolomics" in his research to investigate the biochemistry and the biological system of the biosynthesis and metabolism of FOS in fructan-containing plants (using asparagus and onion as models).

  • BL62D - Harvesting and Post-Harvest Management (MSc in PPP)
  • BT22A - Plant Physiology
  • BT38K - Principles in Horticulture

Research Areas
My research interests are:
  • Postharvest physiology and biochemistry of horticultural crops mainly vegetables;
  • Postharvest technologies for horticultural preservation including MAP, Irradiation and Natural Biological Compounds (Essential Oils)
  • Carbohydrates, in particular fructans and fructooligosaccharides metabolism in horticultural crops and their impact on plant physiology.

  • My recent work is also focusing on the application of METABOLOMICS to elucidate fructans and fructooligosaccharides accumulation and translocation in fructan-accumulating plants (using onion and asparagus as plant models)

Research Projects

  • International Society for Horticultural Science
  • International Society of Rare Sugars
  • The Metabolomics Society
  • The New York Academy of Science
  • The Scientific Advisory Board
  • Japanese Society of Applied Glycoscience
  • Natural History Society of Jamaica
  • Jamaican Society for Agricultural Sciences
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