CAPE Biology Workshop

Life Sciences to host CAPE Biology Workshop 2019

The Department of Life Sciences will host CAPE Biology Workshops from Janaury 7-11 at UWI, Mona and January 15-16 in Montego Bay. These one-day workshops will focus on specific areas from CAPE Units I & II. Topics for CAPE I: Microscopy (including slide preparation); the Cell; Patterns of inheritance – monohybrid/dihybrid crosses; Mitosis; angiosperms. Topics for CAPE II: Conservation Biology; the Nervous System; Transport in Plants; Immunity.

Our workshops are designed to reinforce theoretical knowledge especially through laboratory experience. The sessions will run from 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. each day.

The cost per student per workshop (one subject, one unit) is Two Thousand Dollars (J$2000.00), which includes lunch and printed material.

CAPE Biology Workshop Registration

To confirm participation in the 2019 workshops, please complete and submit the form available here.