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Dwight Robinson, Pest Ecologist

Dr. Dwight Robinson

B.Sc., Ph.D. U.W.I.(Mona)
Tel: (+1 876) 927-1202, 927-2753, 935-8291/8292
Fax: (+1 876) 977-1075
Office: Block F, Rm 9

Dr. Robinson's research interests are in the field of Pest and Pesticide Management. He has conducted studies on pesticide contamination in the Jamaican environment, with emphasis on pesticide residue transport and levels in ground and surface water systems. In addition, he has investigated the integrated management of pests affecting coffee, cotton and citrus in Jamaica. He has also done work on organic production systems.

Dr. Robinson is currently involved in research on cocoa, coffee and yams, as well as pests associated with several vegetable crops. He was appointed Head of the Department in 2016.


  • BIOL1018 - Molecular Biology & Genetics
  • BIOL2401 - Research Skills and Practices in Biology
  • BIOL3405 - Pest Ecology and Management
  • BIOL3410 - Water Pollution
  • ENVR6405 - Management & Analysis of Environmental Data

Research Areas

  • Pest Ecology and Management
  • Genetic characteristics of Jamaican Crops
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Fate and persistence of pesticides in the Jamaican environment


  • Director of the Caribbean Academy of Science Jamaica
  • Chairman of the Pesticides Control Authority Pesticides Review Committee
  • Member of the National Plant Health Coordinating Committee, Jamaica
  • External Assessor for the Pesticides Control Authority


Selected publications: Peer-reviewed

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  • Robinson, Marsha A., Costas Zachariades, Dwight E. Robinson, Jane E. Cohen and Novie Younger. 2013. Field host range of Melanagromyza eupatoriella in Jamaica: an insect with potential as a biological control agent on Chromolaena odorata in South Africa. In: Zachariades C, Strathie LW, Day MD, Muniappan R (eds). Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Biological Control and Management of Chromolaena odorata and other Eupatorieae, Nairobi, Kenya, 1-2 November 2010, pp 102-109
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