Honour Society

The Life Sciences Honours Society (LSHS) seeks to recognize outstanding performance in the discipline and was created as a way of encouraging students of the Life Sciences to aim higher and achieve more. The Society’s main goal is for its members to graduate with high honours (First or Upper Second Class). Twelve (12) members will make up the society (2 from each level and the remaining 4 from any level). Once a student is inducted, he/she is required to maintain the minimum required GPA in order to remain in the society. The student who remains consistent will be dubbed a "Golden Member". Members are also encouraged to become members of the Biology Students Association.

Semester I, 2019-2020 performances were used to select the first batch of inductees.

Criteria for Selection

The Life Sciences Honours Society is open to all Faculty of Science & Technology Preliminary and Introductory students, and Advanced Level students who are not graduating. Membership is limited to persons who:

  • are enrolled in the Faculty of Science & Technology, Mona Campus
  • are pursuing a Major/Programme in Life Sciences
  • possess a minimum GPA of 3.60
  • Preliminary and Introductory Level members of the Honours Society are the top three students emerging from the class after each semester's examination. New Advanced Level students are selected based on their Level 1 grades in Life Sciences. Returning Advanced students are chosen as a result of their performance in completed Advanced Level courses.

Membership is revised every semester, is based on academic performance, and can be revoked if Biology grades fall below a B average.

Inductees for Semester I 2019/2020

  • Daynan Adamson
  • Aviesha Baksh
  • Odane Brissett
  • Truddi Clarke
  • Asha-Lee Cole
  • Shelby Kerr
  • Shenae Lewis
  • Laurel Moore
  • Jonathan Morris
  • Matthew Rogers
  • Shane Robinson
  • Rene-Jyne Sanganoo

Aviesha Baksh

Tenacious, driven and motivated with a passion for Marine Science and Research.

Level: 3rd year Marine Biology Student

Shenae Lewis

I am an avid science major who enjoys volunteering and participating in sports. I believe that passion drives success and with Christ I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Level: DLS Student

Truddi Clarke

A talented, well organised and dedicated student I am, who enjoys the reward of excellence after countless days and nights dedicated to my studies. Such accomplishment would not have been possible without God.

Level: 3rd year Student

Shelby Kerr

I have a passion for the practical aspect of the sciences and having always been curious about the complex mechanisms behind simple actions, I plan on majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Biology.

Level: DLS Student

Laurel Moore

My passion for animals fueled my passion for learning and that’s why I will always encourage persons to be passionate about something.

Level: DLS Student

Shane Robinson

I believe in having a positive mindset and with paramount focus and dedication, I can achieve the 'unachievable'.

Level: DLS Student

Rene-Jyne Sanganoo

It is such an honour to play this role, taking another small step towards success. The hard work must continue to keep climbing up.

Level: DLS Student