Members of Staff

A critical resource in the achievement of the aims and objectives of the department is the cadre of academic, administrative, technical and support staff which support the academic delivery and research operations.

Academic Staff Contact Profile
Dr. Mona Webber
Head of Department & Senior Lecturer, Marine Ecology view
Dr. Karl Aiken
Senior Lecturer, Fisheries Ecology  
Prof. Noureddine Benkeblia
Professor, Crop Science view
Mr. Frederick Boyd
Lecturer, Plant Taxonomy and Medicinal Botany  
Dr. Jane Cohen
Lecturer, Plant Physiology  
Dr. Eric Garraway
Lecturer, Entomology & Conservation Biology  
Dr. Tannice Hall
Assistant Lecturer, Biology  
Dr. Eric Hyslop
Senior Lecturer, Freshwater Ecology & Fish Biology  
Ms. Christine Lawson
Assistant Lecturer, Biology  
Dr. Kurt McLaren
Lecturer, Forest Ecology view
Dr. Judith Mendes
Lecturer, Coral Reef Biology view
Dr. Gale Persad
Assistant Lecturer, Cell Biology  
Dr. Dwight Robinson
Lecturer, Entomology & Pest Management view
Prof. Ralph Robinson
Professor, Parasitology view
Dr. Philip Rose
Lecturer, Botany  
Dr. Paula Tennant
Senior Lecturer, Virology & Biotechnology view
Dr. Kisan Vaidya
Lecturer, Crop Genetics view
Prof. Dale Webber
Professor, Coastal Ecology and Management
Director, Centre for Marine Sciences view
Prof. Byron Wilson
Professor, Herpetology & Conservation Ecology view


Technical Staff Contact
Mrs. Elaine Denton
Scientific Officer, Molecular Biology
Miss Ann-Marie Hosang
Scientific Officer
Mr. Patrick Lewis
Herbarium Curator
Miss Cemone Moore
Laboratory Technician
Dr. Catherine Murphy
Scientific Officer, Histology
Mr. Donald Simpson
Snr Lab Technologist
Mr. Hugh Small
Chief Scientific Officer, PRML
Dr. Margelette Tabanor
Chief Laboratory Technologist


Administrative Staff Contact
Mrs. Debbie-Ann Brown
Senior Secretary
Mrs. Theresa Fuller
Miss Josephine Parchment
Administrative Assistant
Mr. Kevin Peart
Clerical Assistant


Service Staff Contact
Ms. Wilma Morris
Chief Laboratory Attendant
Mr. Delcovery Worrell
Senior Departmental Attendant