Undergraduate Programmes

The Department of Life Sciences undergraduate curriculum structure (see below) includes two complete BSc programmes, five single majors and four minors. The Biology with Education Option is still being offered as part of the combined Faculties Options programme.  Having revised the BSc Programmes, Majors and Minors in the 2010/11 Academic Year, presented new second year courses in the 2011/12 Academic Year and new final year courses for 2012/2013, the curriculum remains essentially unchanged for the 2014/15 academic year, with a few revisions.


The intended objectives are that:

  • students will possess advanced knowledge and training in one or more areas of biology with more specific subject-related skills in one of these.
  • the subject-related skills developed will be in an area of applied biology.
  • students will develop significant information gathering and analytical skills.
  • students will be able to take a critical approach to any biological/environmental problems which they may encounter.
  • the course of study undertaken will form a sound basis for further academic or professional study.
  • the students will have developed enough confidence to be able to give his/her opinion on issues involving biological phenomena.

BSc programmes, majors and minors


All majors are


Getting More Information

For information about the courses offered by the Department, please visit the Courses page or additionally, you may download the Handbook in PDF.*

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