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Dr. Wilson is a conservation ecologist whose research is focussed on the ecology and conservation of the critically endangered Jamaican Iguana (Cyclura collei) and other rare endemic reptile species. His studies include the ecology of the Indian mongoose, the mortality of the lizard Uta stansburiana, and exotic predator control in the Hellshire Hills, Jamaica. He was also involved in a survey of the dry forest herpetofauna of the Hellshire Hills, which resulted in the re-discovery of the Blue-tailed Galliwasp (Celestus duquesneyi Grant).

  • BL20K - Evolutionary Biology
  • BL39E - Conservation Biology
  • BL61D - Biological Interventions to Converse Species and Habitats

Research Areas
  • Conservation biology, with an emphasis on dry tropical forest faunas (especially reptiles).
  • Impacts of invasive species.
  • Sea turtle conservation.

Research Projects
  • Ecology and conservation of the Jamaican Iguana and other lizards.
  • Effects of exotic predators on Jamaican dry forest fauna.
  • Biological assessments of Jamaica’s last remaining natural habitats.
  • Status and conservation implications of the introduced Indian mongoose.
  • The revealing of predation on rare and endangered species by an exotic predator.
  • Structure, Regeneration Ecology and Amphibian Fauna of Jamaica’s Remaining Limestone Forests. (with Dr. K. McLaren)
  • Documentation of repatriation of head-started Jamaican Iguanas as an effective tool in the conservation of the critically endangered species.

  • Chairman, Jamaican Iguana Research and Conservation Group
  • Board of Directors, Windsor Research Centre
  • Working Group on Invasive Species, (NEPA)

  • Principal's Research Award 2006: Best Publication 2004/5, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, UWI, Mona.
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