Semester II

PLEASE NOTE: This page is still being updated.

Below is a complete list of the courses being offered in Semester II of the 2017/2018 Academic year. Each course title links to a brief description of the course.

LITS1001: Introduction to Poetry                                     

LITS1002: Introduction to Prose Fiction

LITS1003: Introduction to Drama

LITS1007: Reading and Writing About Literature

HUMN2201: Literature and Ideas in the Caribbean

LITS2108: Modern American Literary Prose

LITS2304: Key Issues in Literary Criticism II

LITS2503: West Indian Poetry

LITS2505: West Indian Drama

LITS2604: Creative Writing, Prose Fiction

LITS3103: The City in Fiction

LITS3113: Africa in the Black Atlantic Imagination

LITS3316: Postcolonial Literature I - [Research Paper]

LITS3806: Popular Film