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Tuition Fees Adjusted

Following on budget adjustment exercises as well as representations made by the Guild of Students at The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, regarding the tuition fees for that Campus for the coming academic year, the Chancellor of the University established a committee to review the matter.

Mr. William Clarke, Chairman of the Mona Campus Council, chaired the committee with Dr. Marshall Hall and Mr. Lloyd Brown as the other members. The committee held various meetings with representatives of the University and the Guild, and has arrived at a conclusion agreed to by all parties.

The committee considered principles involved in two main factors used in computing tuition fees: student numbers and economic costs. Agreement was arrived at by all concerning the principles that should guide these, and the committee determined that the tuition fees should be re-calculated on these bases.

The new fees for the 2004/2005 academic year at Mona have consequently now been approved as follows:
Faculty Full-time Part-time
Humanities and Education 121,583; 4,503 per credit
Social Sciences 121,583; 4,503 per credit
Pure and Applied Sciences 121,583; 4,503 per credit
Advanced Nursing 121,583; 4,503 per credit
Pre-Clinical 194,426
Clinical 370,414
Law 134,020

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