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The Finance and General Purposes Committee of the Mona Campus had given until October 15 for any student who had not paid their fees in full to do so or present a written request for a payment schedule on the basis of exceptional and verifiable difficulties. Those students who failed to meet these conditions would be deregistered. Facilities were in place up to 7:00p.m. on Friday, Oct. 15 to handle all special requests. Almost all of these, totaling one hundred and sixty three undergraduate students, have been granted special payment arrangements.

There are five main categories of students who have been considered in registration:
(i) Full-time undergraduates on-campus;
(ii) Part-time undergraduates on-campus;
(iii) Full-time postgraduates;
(iv) Part-time postgraduates;
(v) All other students, including Distance, BEd, Affiliated institutions and other off- campus programmes; self-financing programmes.

Category (v) has not been included for deregistration, since there are various payment arrangements involved for these students.

Categories (iii) & (iv), Postgraduate students, are being reviewed since there are some possibilities for accessing financial support for these, and decisions will be taken later on individual cases.

Category (ii), Part-time on-campus students, had been given the option of reducing their course load to what they could afford for the Semester. This category has now been given the further consideration that anyone who did not take up that option but who has paid sufficient fees to cover at least one course and miscellaneous fees, will be retained in the system, but will have their registration adjusted by the University to reduce their course approval to what their existing payments can cover. Any part-time student who has paid less than this minimum is being deregistered for the Semester. This number totals 229 of 2600 total part-time students.

Category (i), Full-time on-campus students, has been separated out into those who owe less than $1,000 or late fines, who are not being deregistered. Those full-time students who have not paid fees or owe over $1,000 at this stage are being deregistered. This number totals 323 of 6971 total full-time students.

Students who have been deregistered for this semester will be given Leave of Absence for Semester I, and will be allowed to register for courses in Semester II provided they pay the fees for that semester by the deadline of January 31, 2005, set by the Finance & General Purposes Committee. Any tuition payments received from deregistered students this semester will be credited to their next semester’s account.

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