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The UWI expands its Cadre of Professors

The University of the West Indies (The UWI) is pleased to announce the recent promotion of  10 of its experts to the highest academic rank at the University, that of Professor. The UWI’s newest Professors are: 
Dr Donna-Maria Maynard promoted to Professor of Psychology
Dr Lawrence Bamikole promoted Professor of Philosophy
Dr Rachael Irving promoted to Professor of Biochemistry and Sport Science
Dr Mehmet Orhan promoted to Professor in the Department of Economics
Dr Eris Schoburgh promoted to Professor of Public Policy and Management
Dr Lloyd Waller promoted to Professor of Digital Transformation Policy and Governance
Dr Wayne Ganpat promoted to Professor of Agricultural Extension
Dr Rohan Maharaj promoted to Professor in the Faculty of Medical Sciences
Dr Michelle Mycoo promoted to Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
Dr Laura Roberts-Nkrumah promoted to Professor of Crop Science and Production
These appointments have been approved by the University Appointments Committee after a rigorous process including evaluations by internal and external assessors. They review the quality and quantity of the applicant’s contributions to science through publications; the originality of research conducted, contributions in the area of specialty, professional activities and other noteworthy areas of work.
The Appointments Committee also endorsed honorary appointments for Professor Akin Abayomi and Professor Ian Hosein. Professor Abayomi who is attached to the Centre for Biosecurity Studies, Cave Hill Campus was conferred the title Honorary Professor and Professor Ian Hosein, Faculty of Medical Sciences, St. Augustine was confirmed as a Visiting Professor. Practicing subject matter experts, Mr Dodridge Miller, President and CEO, Sagicor Financial and Dr Sterling Frost, First Citizens’ Deputy CEO, Operations and Administration were also awarded distinguished, honorary professorship positions. Mr Miller will serve as Professor of Practice in Finance attached to the Vice-Chancellery, and Dr Frost as Professor of Practice in Management Studies attached to the Faculty of Social Sciences at the St. Augustine Campus.
More about the new Professors
Professor Donna-Maria Maynard
Professor Maynard served as a Senior Lecturer in Clinical and Counselling Psychology in the School of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Education at The UWI Cave Hill Campus. She holds the Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Psychology from The University of Warwick (1992), the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of Sussex (1994) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education—Educational Psychology from The UWI (2007).
As a researcher, Professor Maynard aims to develop the relevance and use of psychology in the English-speaking Caribbean and is known for challenging the use of predominantly Western-based theories and concepts in Caribbean contexts. Her research spans the areas of educational and clinical psychology, recently focusing on pre-service teacher training and theorising the relevance of core psychological constituents. One external assessor commented, “She is a rare educational psychologist with a strong clinical background and an emphasis on protective factors in her research,” and praised Professor Maynard’s work as “important additions to an understanding of education in a cross-cultural context.”
Professor Maynard, a reviewer for academic journals and a member of the Editorial Board of the Caribbean Journal of Psychology, has a substantial research and publications record, with a number of international collaborations and over 30 refereed publications (articles, abstracts, book chapters). She also has numerous non-refereed articles (four published online and 11 in special-interest magazines and newsletters).
Over her career, spanning more than two decades, Professor Maynard has spoken at numerous national and international conferences, delivered invited keynotes and special presentations. As an academic she has been awarded for excellence in teaching, receiving the Cave Hill Campus Principal’s Award in 2014. She has taught a wide range of psychology courses, provided clinical supervision, developed three undergraduate courses and two Masters in Education programmes and supervised 26 Masters and five PhD students. Professor Maynard has also served as a University Administrator having been appointed Deputy Dean (Planning) in the Faculty of Humanities and Education (2017) and Director (Ag., 2013) at the School of Education at The UWI Cave Hill Campus.
Beyond academic accomplishments, Professor Maynard is very involved in her professional fraternity; she has served on the Executive Council of the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations (CANPA) and was the President of the Barbados Society of Psychology from 2012 to 2014. She has also been involved in various social projects facilitating training and providing psychological support.
Professor Lawrence Bamikole
Professor Lawrence Ojo Bamikole is a philosopher, respected for his ability to creatively synthesise ideas showing how philosophy is down to earth and makes a radical difference in daily life. He served as a Senior Lecturer in philosophy at The UWI’s Mona Campus from 2002 to 2007 and then from 2010. Professor Bamikole was also Head of the Department of Philosophy and an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria from 2009 to 2010; Coordinator of the Philosophy Section of the Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy at Mona between 2011 and 2012 and between 2013 and 2014 as well as Head, Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy between 2014 and 2017.
The holder of a BA (Hons.) (1983) and an MA (1987) in Philosophy both from the University of Ife, Nigeria, Professor Bamikole went on to complete his doctoral studies gaining a PhD in Philosophy (1995) from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He specialises in Value Philosophy including the examination of social and political philosophy, ethics and aesthetics and their application to Africana philosophy. His writings demonstrate how he makes a meaningful whole of different branches of philosophy.
Professor Bamikole has authored one monograph and edited two books; one a text book and the other a collection of readings and a teaching resource. His published work also includes ten book chapters and 26 peer-reviewed journal articles with another article accepted for publication, five in preparation and six other publications including an article in the Jamaica’s Sunday Gleaner titled “The Practical Relevance of Philosophy.”
One external assessor noted that “one of his major strengths and original contributions in his articles is his ability to synthesise ideas creatively.”
His works have explored modern relevant topics including the connections between terrorism and globalisation, the idea of a Caribbean philosophy and whether it exists for example in Rastafarianism; democracy and multiculturalism; Rastafarian thought and identity; and ‘The Concept of Rights in the Western (Anglo-American) and African (Yoruba) philosophies.” One assessor noted “He writes as an African philosopher—a philosopher who is not oblivious of his connection with fellow Africans and fellow human beings. He has one foot on African philosophy (African and the African Diaspora) and the other foot on Euro-Western philosophy.”
As an academic Professor Bamikole’s work is widely and significantly cited. He has presented at 39 conferences and supervised the graduate research of eight students including two at the PhD level. He currently supervises three PhD and three Masters students.
Professor Rachel Irving
Professor Irving served as a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences at The UWI Mona. According to one external assessor she “has long established a track record as a researcher and teacher.” A biochemist, experienced medical technologist and a recognised world anti-doping researcher, her broad areas of academic specialisation include atypical diabetes, metabolic pathways, sport testing and cardiovascular sufficiency studies, anti-doping research and atypical analytical findings in racial groups. Professor Irving has contributed significantly to the investigation of atypical diabetes in persons of African, East Indian and Hispanic descents as well as to sport studies and testing including the factors impacting the remarkable performance of Jamaican athletes in sprint events.
She gained her Diploma in Medical Technology (1986) from the University of Technology before a BSc, Biochemistry/Computing (1993) and PhD Biochemistry (2005) from The UWI. Professor Irving has attended training workshops and professional courses consistently over the past two decades. As an academic she has supervised three PhD and three MPhil candidates and garnered upwards of US$300,000.00 in research grants.
Professor Irving has collaborated with industry leaders and published widely including in some eminent journals such as Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport.  Her published work comprises 37 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 13 abstracts, five technical reports, 11 posters, 29 conference presentations, three books and a book chapter. Professor Irving is a sought-after expert in the field of Sport Medicine and has commented on topics including athlete performance and anti-doping. She has been published 30 times in regional and international newspapers and special interest magazines and has appeared frequently in the media including theBritish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and US’ National Public Radio (NPR).
In 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 Professor Irving convened and organised Anti-doping in Sport workshops and forums partnering with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the Jamaican Government, The UWI, the Jamaican Bar Association, private sector sponsors and numerous international industry experts. In 2013 she was invited as Special Observer by the World Anti-doping Agency to the World Anti-doping Code Changing (WAD-c) Conference in South Africa. Professor Irving has served on the American College of Sports Medicine Anti-doping Committee (2009–2014) and was a member of its Diversity Committee. Since 2016 she has been serving the public, first as a Board Director of the Jamaican Anti-doping Commission (JADCO) and currently as Board Member of the Jamaican Anti-doping Compliance Committee.
Professor Mehmet Orhan
Professor Orhan is an experienced academic and Economist who specialises in Econometrics, Statistics, Macroeconomics and Finance. He served as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences at The UWI Mona Campus.
Professor Orhan pursued tertiary studies at Bilkent University, Turkey where he attained his PhD and MA in Economics in 2000 and 1995 respectively and a BSc in Industrial Engineering in 1992. Currently Co-Editor of the Journal of Economic and Social Studies and a member of the editorial board for the Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics, Professor Orhan also served on the Editorial Board for the International Econometric Review from 2006–2017. The well-respected Economist has also been a reviewer for over 20 international, academic journals including the Oxford University’s Socio-Economic Review and Economic Letters. During his own academic career Professor Orhan has published one manuscript, 16 book chapters and 23 peer-reviewed journal articles with six under review or in preparation. Professor Orhan has also presented at 15 conferences and has supervised three Masters and two PhD students. 
Professor Orhan was a valued Faculty member at Fatih University in Turkey before joining The UWI. From 2003–2016, he held senior administrative positions at Fatih University including Dean (Ag). and Vice Dean, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and Director, Institute of Social Sciences. He also served as a member of the same university’s Administrative Board, University Senate and the Executive Board.  Professor Orhan was appointed Professor at Fatih University; the rank is now re-established at The UWI.
Professor Eris Schoburgh
Professor Schoburgh is a public policy expert who served as Senior Lecturer, Department of Government and Associate Dean (Special Initiatives), Faculty of Social Sciences, at the Mona Campus. Her academic specialisations are the areas of public policy analysis and management, subnational governance and local economic development.
The UWI alumna holds a PhD in Government (2003); MSc in Public Administration and International Relations (1995) and a BA (Hons) in History and Political Science (1992).  A teacher at heart, Professor Schoburgh also has a Certificate in Primary Education from St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College.  
Her current research interests include local governance and economic development; organisational development and change in the public sector,where she focuses on examining the capacity and strategies employed for public sector change; and thirdly, social relations and the political economythrough exploring the role and impact of informal institutions on public management and governance, at all levels, and theorising informal citizenship. Her work is valued for its wide applicability with her research set in both Caribbean and non-Caribbean contexts. 
An external assessor praised her saying, “I find her work theoretically suggestive and methodologically very sound” adding that “her research is what other academics are citing in their papers and publications”.
She has authored the book, Local Government Reform: The Prospects for Community Empowerment in Jamaica;  co-edited two volumes: Developmental Local Governance and The Handbook of Subnational Governance and Development;  written 14 book chapters and nine peer-reviewed journal articles that have appeared in highly respected publications such as Journal of Public Administration and Development, Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, Social and Economic Studies and the Journal of Human Values and has another five manuscripts in preparation. She has also presented at 28 conferences, supervised 39 MSc research papers and five active doctoral theses, conducted numerous workshops both regionally and internationally and has a wide public service portfolio, including serving as an expert contributor to the activities of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum and select United Nation’s projects.
In 2010, 2012 and 2016 Professor Schoburgh received The Mona Campus Principal’s Award for Best Research Publication in the Faculty of Social Sciences.
Professor Lloyd Waller
Professor Lloyd Waller has served as Head of the Department of Government, Faculty of Social Sciences at The UWI Mona Campus, since 2013 and Director of the Centre for Leadership and Governance at the campus since 2011.
He is well respected for his scientific work which has great societal value and is focused on topics such as electronic governance, cybercrime management; e-participation and the use of ICTs to promote the democratic participation of people with disabilities, all in the Caribbean context. In reviewing his work for his promotion, one external assessor highlighted, “Professor Waller shows a keen interest in giving voice to some of the most vulnerable in society, which is especially important and admirable.” 
He earned his PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from the University of Waikato, New Zealand in 2006 and also holds an MSc in Social Development (1999) and a BSc (Hons.) in International Relations with minors in Political Science and Sociology (1997) both from The UWI, Mona.
Among his publications is a book titled, “Envisioning Democracy: The Role and Potential of Information and Communication Technologies for the Visually Impaired”, published in 2018. He has also co-authored three peer-reviewed books, written five peer-reviewed monographs, five peer-reviewed book chapters, eight articles in peer-reviewed journals, four refereed conference proceedings, 39 technical reports and presented at 19 conferences. He is published in several highly respected journalsand has five manuscripts and book chapters under review.
During his UWI service, Professor Waller has chaired/co-chaired several international conferences, sat on numerous committees, participated in departmental reviews and undertaken significant work in curriculum reform at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including the development of a new BSc programme in Political Leadership, Strategy and Management. He is also the founder of the ‘Governance Society’, a civics programme which sees students in the Department of Government raise awareness about governance and development in primary and secondary schools across Jamaica. He has supervised 26 MSc students and five PhD students to completion. He currently supervises six MPhil/PhD students and as a researcher he has garnered over US$100,000.00 in grant funding. Over the past ten years, he has received seven Principal’s Awards for Research Project Attracting the Most Funds; Best Research Publication Article and the Research Project with the Greatest Business/Economic/Development Impact.
Outside his University service, he contributes to national and regional development sitting on boards, committees and is Chairman of the Board for eGov Jamaica Ltd. as well as Senior Advisor/Consultant for the Minister of Tourism for Jamaica.
Professor Wayne Ganpat
Professor Wayne Ganpat is an internationally recognised Agricultural Extension expert. Currently the Dean of the Faculty of Food and Agriculture at The UWI St. Augustine Campus, Professor Ganpat spent a significant part of his career providing public and consultancy services in the field of Agricultural Extension and Communications before coming to full-time academia. He brings a wealth of practical and professional experience to his work at the University.
Professor Ganpat’s public service portfolio comprised senior appointments including Deputy Director of Extension Services, Ministry of Food Production, Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GOROTT). In terms of consultancies in the field of Agricultural Extension, he has served the region on numerous projects under the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and on national projects in Jamaica, Belize, Guyana, Tobago and both the Windward and Leeward Islands.
A UWI alumnus, Professor Ganpat holds a PhD (2000) and an MPhil (1994) in Agricultural Extension and a BSc in Agriculture (1975). His academic career began in 1998 as a part-time Lecturer at his alma mater and in 2010 he took up a full-time post. During his tenure at The UWI Professor Ganpat served as Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension (2015–2016) then Dean of the Faculty of Food and Agriculture. He has supervised seven PhD, seven MPhil and eight MSc students and built what one assessor praises as “a strong publication record with manuscripts in a variety of top-quality journals.” Professor Ganpat has collaborated with highly respected international researchers and has published seven books, 45 refereed journal articles, nine book chapters and nine technical reports, not including four reports prepared for regional governments. He has also presented at 57 conferences. He serves as the Chair of the Editorial Board for Tropical Agriculture, the Journal of the Faculty of Food and Agriculture, The UWI, St. Augustine and as reviewer for several journals in the field of Extension and Communications.
Professor Ganpat’s work has been widely recognised with awards including an Outstanding Contribution and Service Excellence Award (2002) from the Trinidad and Tobago Government, for innovative work in Agricultural Extension. He was also recognised as Most Outstanding Researcher 2014–2016 at the UWI/NGC’s Research Awards in 2016. Professor Ganpat is Senior Fellow and President of the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE), the largest extension association, and which has a mandate to promote Agriculture Extension worldwide.
Professor Rohan Maharaj
Professor Rohan Maharaj is a generalist medical practitioner, teacher and clinician investigator whose family medicine teaching and research has proven impactful in the region.  Professor Maharaj specialises in family medicine with a research focus on non-communicable diseases including mental health disease in primary care settings, related health risk behaviours and over the past five years on alcohol issues in the region. His research provides evidence-based commentary and advice on clinical interventions regarding family medicine and public health issues specific to Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region.
One assessor surmised, “His contributions to the discipline of family medicine in the Caribbean are very strong and impressively broad.” He is also known internationally for his work developing the Cost of Preventing an Event (COPE) statistic published in 2008: A user-friendly cost analysis tool for clinicians and policymakers.
Professor Maharaj’s publications include one book, contributions to a monograph and a book chapter in a peer-reviewed workbook. He has also written 66 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 10 technical reports and presented at more than 40 conferences. 
The holder of a DM from The UWI in 2005, an MHSc from the University of Toronto in 1998, an MBBS in 1986 as well as a BSc Hons in 1981, both from The UWI. He is also a Fellow of the Caribbean College of Family Physicians. Professor Maharaj has also participated in numerous fellowships and prestigious partnerships within his career. In 2010 he concluded a Fellowship in the Leader in International Health Programme (LIHP) with the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), since 2014 he has been the Advisor on Alcohol Policy for the Healthy Caribbean Coalition and he currently has tenure as a Principal Investigator with the Yale University Transdisciplinary Consortium Center (TCC).
At The UWI, Professor Maharaj has served as Coordinator for Postgraduate Programmes in Family Medicine and has contributed significantly to the Diploma in Family Medicine which has trained over 200 primary care physicians locally and helped earn The UWI an average of TT$1 million in revenue annually.  His service to the region includes his role as Principal Investigator, Eastern Caribbean Health Outcomes Research (ECHORN). This project has attracted approximately US$1.43 million in international research funding.
Professor Maharaj was also recently announced as a co-awardee of The UWI Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence for International Collaboration: The Globalisation Award for 2018-2019 for his work on the ECHORN project.
Professor Michelle Mycoo
Professor Michelle Mycoo has a distinguished record of scholarly research and publications in areas that are germane to urban planning in the Caribbean and globally. One external assessor commended her scholarship as being “very relevant to current urban planning issues.”  Her work focuses on strengthening the interface between science, policy and practice, in alignment with optimum land utilisation, infrastructure provision and environmental management in support of the development of sustainable human settlements.
Professor Mycoo attained her PhD in Urban Planning from McGill University, Canada in 1996 and joined the Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management, Faculty of Engineering at The UWI St. Augustine in 1997. Her contribution to scientific research has made significant impact in urban planning, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and integrated coastal zone planning. Professor Mycoo is one of 263 selected experts to author the Working Group II Report on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report. She is a Coordinating Lead Author of the Small Islands chapter in this report and is an expert on scientific steering committees of Future Earth Coasts and the UN-Habitat University Partnership Initiative.
Professor Mycoo’s expertise has been solicited by agencies including the World Bank, the European Union, the United Nations, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, the International Development Research Centre (Canada) and the UK’s Department for International Development. Her research grants total US$3 million (TT$20 million).
She has supervised 42 graduate students from The UWI, McGill University and the University of Amsterdam and has received numerous awards including The UWI Guardian Group Premium Teaching Award (2014) and The UWI National Gas Company Award for Most Outstanding Researcher in the Faculty of Engineering (2011-2014). Professor Mycoo is the first woman to be promoted to the rank of Professor in the Faculty of Engineering since its inception 57 years ago.
In addition to her highly acclaimed book A Blue Urban Agenda: Adapting to Climate Change in the Coastal Cities of Caribbean and Pacific Small Island Developing States (2017) with the Inter-American Development Bank, Professor Mycoo has published five other books, seven book chapters, 21 peer-reviewed journal articles, seven refereed conference proceedings, and 40 technical reports. She has presented at 19 international conferences and delivered 30 invited presentations and lectures.  The frequency with which Professor Mycoo is invited as speaker attests to wide recognition of expertise in her discipline.
Professor Laura Roberts-Nkrumah
Professor Laura Roberts-Nkrumah has taught Crop Science and Production at the St. Augustine Campus’ Department of Food Production since 1988. In 2009, she was appointed Senior Lecturer and Head of Department. She holds a PhD in Agriculture (1984), an MEd Measurement and Evaluation (2003), a postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (1989) and a BSc Agriculture (Hons.) (1978), all from The UWI.
Known for her sterling contributions to the areas of sustainable fruit tree crop production systems for food and nutrition security, Professor Roberts-Nkrumah has received high commendation for her work on the breadfruit germplasm collection established at the St. Augustine Campus with accessions from Jamaica, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago and the Pacific. One external assessor commented “The work of documentation of germplasm is commendable. It is a time consuming, dedicated effort which paves the way for future research.”
Professor Roberts-Nkrumah’s break-through research supports small to large-scale breadfruit commercialization which is of great value to the Caribbean. Besides her studies on germplasm description including, her work also addresses science-based solutions to propagation and crop management — site selection, growth and development, tree height, disease and production systems. Her research includes consumer preferences, and nutrient, including dietary fibre, content and characterisation of starch from flour to aid cultivar selection for suitable end products. 
She has co-edited one book and a special journal issue and written five monographs commissioned by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute and the Division of Agriculture, Tobago House of Assembly. She has published three book chapters, 27 articles in peer-reviewed journals and books and has one book accepted for publication. She has 40 conference presentations and has written nine technical reports including six funded by the FAO, the Governments of Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with three specifically commissioned by The UWI. She has also received over US$250,000.00 in research and conference grants. She has received the UWI/Guardian Life Award for Excellence in Teaching (2006) and an award for her breadfruit research. She has supervised seven postgraduate students and is currently supervising five including one PhD candidate.
During her long career at The UWI, Professor Roberts- Nkrumah contributed significantly to curriculum development for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Agriculture including distance and continuing education, Tropical Landscaping and Horticulture, as well as to development of teaching facilities and outreach materials.

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