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The University of the West Indies, (The UWI) Mona will resume classes in an online/remote mode on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. This is following a one (1) month suspension of classes with a view to having the seven (7) academic Faculties prepare to facilitate the delivery of all courses through an online platform and to allow students to prepare to engage teaching and learning using the online/remote delivery mode. All forms of assessment (quizzes, course work, final exams etc.) will also be facilitated online. Students will be advised by course lecturers/tutors how assessment will be done, as soon as possible after teaching has commenced. 

Professor Dale Webber, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of The UWI Mona, said “in keeping with the University’s COVID-19 Task Force Plan, and after consultations with the Vice-Chancellor and the Government, on March 12th, UWI-Mona moved into another phase of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan (the Orange Zone) and announced the suspension of classes effective March 13th, 2020.  for one (1) month.”

Courses in a state of readiness for online delivery 

Given the projections by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) in relation to the spread of the disease in Jamaica, The UWI has agreed that resumption of teaching will only be conducted in an online/remote mode. “The UWI Mona is satisfied that all our courses are in a state of readiness for online delivery,” Prof Webber stated. “Whilst we have put in measures to ensure smooth transitioning to this new mode of teaching and learning, we encourage students to utilise the support services provided by Mona Information Services (MITS) should they experience any challenges” Prof Webber further stated.

Students and Social Distancing 

Prof Webber added that in keeping with the GOJ’s guidelines on social distancing, Jamaican students were asked to move home from the halls of residence. Regional and international students, he added, though welcomed to remain, were encouraged to return home where possible. 

Staff and Social Distancing 

During this time also the University significantly scaled down its operations, providing critical services to its stakeholders with a reduced staff complement. Staff who could, were asked to work from home, and our clients/ stakeholders were discouraged from coming on Campus to access services. “In this regard, the Office of the Campus Registrar sent out a comprehensive communique advising all our stakeholders how our various services could be accessed remotely,” Prof Webber added.

UWI Mona’s Commitment to Students

Speaking to a prolonged period of the national response to the global pandemic, Principal Webber said “I want to assure our stakeholders, especially students, that as long as this period persists, we at The UWI Mona intend to carry through with our planned programme of online teaching and learning with a view to minimizing disruption to their education and their future plans, that is our commitment.”

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