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UWI Mona is making it easier for students to start University this Semester

The University of the West Indies, Mona (The UWI) has put measures in place to make it easier for students to pursue their dreams of completing their Degree as soon as possible. Chief among the measures being the ability for students to register once they start a Payment Plan, which only requires an initial payment of 15% of Tuition Fees and Full payment of the Miscellaneous fees. The remaining tuition fees would be due in small portions on a monthly basis as follows:

 ‪Sept 30th – 10% of Tuition Fees

This arrangement applies to all Degree programmes except Graduate programmes being offered by the Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM).

Additionally, the Mona Campus has extended a concession to students with pre-existing balances, allowing them to register once they have secured or are in the process of securing Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB) funding for the current year’s fees. These students can then workout a payment schedule with the Campus for their prior balance.

Even more, the Campus is also bridging the digital divide among its students with unprecedented technological support which has been made possible by the National Baking Company, The UWI Alumni Association (United States and Jamaica Chapters), PwC Jamaica, the Inter-American Development Bank, and others who have contributed laptops, tablets and other equipment to the Mona Campus. The devices are available through the Main Library to all students in need; these students are able to borrow and keep a device for an entire semester at a time. Students will also have free access to the Campus’ educational websites; these are zero-rated so there is no charge for accessing course content.

The new normal has made it imperative for the Campus to be more agile in our delivery of teaching and learning. To that end, The UWI Mona’s faculty have been trained to deliver content and interact with students using our online platforms while maintaining the UWI’s quality standard.

Student Safety has always been and continues to be a top priority, and even more so in the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Mona Campus continues to maintain strict adherence to the Government of Jamaica’s safety protocols to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. The risk to our students is also significantly minimised by our decision to interact through the use of predominantly online facilities.

The Mona Campus is constantly assessing the needs of its students. At this point in time, students may be questioning their ability to start or even finish their higher education journey due to unforeseen events brought on by the pandemic. As such we deemed it necessary to put measures in place to ensure that none of our students are left behind or prevented from completing their studies as a result of financial challenges or lack of devices. As the premier institution of higher learning in the Caribbean, it is the duty of the University to do all it can to support our students.

For more information or to start a payment plan, contact Customer Services at: customer.service@uwimona.edu.jm

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