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A new, easy-to-use and personalised library user interface, UWIlinC, is here

A new, easy-to-use and personalised library user interface, UWIlinC, is here

Libraries across The UWI will receive a boost in the University’s e-information portal, UWIlinC, starting this week with the introduction of a New User Interface (NUI) on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.
The new UWIlinC interface is critical for The UWI system, as it moves towards harmonising its operations within the context of an institution-wide digital transformation exercise expected to bring foundational changes to how the University delivers information resources, services and value to all customers.

Staff and students can access the UWIlinC new user interface with many browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer via: https://uwin-primo.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/primo-explore/search?vid=mon...

The UWIlinC NUI, which became accessible to UWI library network users on May 18, brought significant changes to the original UWIlinC interface, first introduced in 2011. It enables users to optimise UWIlinC with greater engagement and personalisation.
Amongst the benefits of the new UWIlinC interface are:
− intuitive navigation;
− easy access to electronic and digital resources;
− improved tools to search, discover and reference resources;
− increased visibility to eBooks, eJournals and Databases;
− one experience across multiple devices;
− enhanced interactivity through capabilities such as QR code quick access and voice search and
− researchers can also pose questions through the Ask A Librarian facility with frequently asked questions (FAQs) and chat.

Ex Libris hosts UWIlinC for The UWI. The new user interface was made possible through the joint efforts of the Ex Libris team working closely with the cross-campus team, the UWI Library Systems Team (ULST), with input from librarians across the University libraries.

The UWIlinC NUI adds another facet in improving and enhancing the provision of information resources and services from the vast network of UWI libraries and beyond. Through UWIlinC, these resources and services are available to the global UWI community, further supporting the digital transformation of The UWI.

Contextualising its rollout, especially within a global pandemic that has pushed demand for online and remote technologies in unprecedented fashion, the University Libraries will continue to look at improvements and enhancements to the platform that will support online teaching and learning.

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