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Gender Based Violence: Causes and Solutions

The Centre for Gender and Development Studies, Mona Unit hosts a public discussion to examine the recent reports of gender based violence, abductions and disappearances.  The public discussion takes place on Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 5 pm at the Multifunctional Room, The Main Library, UWI, Mona.

The forum is aimed at examining the causes and exploring concrete solutions. It will also share information, explore new options and strengthen linkages between institutional programmes to reduce gender based violence.

Presentations will be made by experts from the University of the West Indies, Woman Inc; the Dispute Resolution Foundation; the Peace Management Initiative/Violence Prevention Alliance among other institutions. Victims of abuse will also share their stories.

The forum will also feature practical prevention strategies for males and females, personal safety tips, and an outline of the procedures and action recommended for victims of gender based violence or abduction.

The proposal for an ‘Ananda Alert’ – a warning system to better protect our children and young people will also be discussed.

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