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Notice to All Undergraduate Students Re: Final Exams



Students are reminded of the following:


   i.      The adding of courses will not be permitted beyond Friday, April 19, 2013.


 ii.      Payment Plans are no longer available. The deadline for entering into such a plan was February 10, 2013.


iii.      Entrance to each examination room will only be allowed to those students who:

a.       are duly registered for the courses scheduled for examination;

b.      have balances less than or equal to $2,000; and

c.       are current with their payments under an approved installment plan.


iv.      Students must ensure that they take their valid UWI IDs to Examination Centres. In the absence of the requisite ID Cards, students will be fined a fee in accordance with the Examinations Regulations.   

 v.      Students who have not settled their financial obligations by Friday, April 26, 2013, and do not have an approved payment plan, will be barred from sitting their final examinations. Please note that students writing papers before this date will also be barred from examinations if they do not have financial clearance.


vi.      Students who have satisfactorily settled their financial obligations since the holding of mid-semester examinations and BEFORE any final examinations in April/May, will be allowed to sit subsequent final examinations, but will lose the marks for any component of any course which was missed due to the lack of financial clearance.


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