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Approved Taxi Operators for Mona Campus

 As part of an ongoing effort to facilitate a safe, secure system of transportation for students and staff on the Mona Campus, the Security Committee has granted permission for certain taxi operators to operate on The UWI, Mona Campus.  The names of the taxi operators have been vetted to ensure they have complied fully with the requirements of the law.


Members of the University community are advised that only those Taxi Operators whose names and vehicle registration number appear on the list approved by the Security Committee should be allowed to enter the Mona Campus.


The list of approved taxi operators  can be viewed HERE or on the staff communication portal MonaLink,  http://myspot.mona.uwi.edu/monalink/ . Please note that all approved Taxi Operators should have the following items in their possession while plying for hire on the Campus:


1)       Valid Certificate of Registration.


2)       Valid Certificate of Fitness and Valid Certificate of Insurance.


3)       Valid Road Licence (Hackney Carriage, Contract Carriage).


4)       Valid Driver’s Licence to include PPV and Valid Transport Authority Identification Badge/Card.


All Taxis Operating on the Mona Campus must agree to and comply with the following:


Display at all times while operating on the Mona Campus the valid Transport Identification Card and the UWI Taxi Permit at a prominent position in the vehicle.


1)                   Must comply with the provisions of The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus Security

        Act (2002).


2)                   No cars will be allowed to ply for hire on the compound. That is, they should only enter the

        compound when taking passengers to the campus or responding to a call for service from the campus.


3)                   There must be no parking on the roadway in a manner likely to obstruct traffic.


4)    That while operating said motor vehicle on the Mona Campus, the Driver will obey all the

                provisions of the University Ordinances relating to the use of the road, the obedience of traffic

                signs and signals and in particular the “No Parking"  and “Restricted” areas.


5)      Drivers will not be allowed to park and sleep in their cars on the compound.


6)      The speed limit is to be observed at all times.

7)      There must be full compliance with all signs and directions posted on the compound or that

given by the Police or other Security Officers


8)      The grant of a UWI Mona Taxi Permit is a bare licence to access the campus which can be

withdrawn at the instance of the University


9)      The permits must not be duplicated or transferred from one vehicle to another without the

tacit approval of the University.


10)   Fraudulently replicating the Taxi Permit is a criminal offence punishable on conviction to

imprisonment at hard labour.


11)    Any Operator found breaching these rules will have their Taxi Permit withdrawn forthwith, in

                 addition to prosecution for the breach.


Persons requiring further information regarding the operation of taxis on the Mona Campus should contact the Office of the Director of Security at Tel: (876) 970-6698 or Extension 3698.



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