It gives me immense pleasure to welcome another batch of new students to Mary Seacole Hall and the the University of the West Indies. I encourage you to embrace all the opportunities that exist through your hall of residence,faculty and various clubs and societies for personal growth and development. This is your place to unlock West Indian potential and your place to shine. Be cognizant of the fact that to whom much is given much is expected! In that vein seek opportunities for service and for contribution to the wider community. Ladies of Seacole have always pursued endeavours that are stimulating, innovative and definitely positive. Remember you have been invited to become part of a sisterhood so ensure that you continue a tradition of speaking positively and behaving with decorum while upholding the rights of women. I wish you a productive year and I look forword to working with both new and returning students in the UWI way. The Pelican Pride must be preserved. God Bless you. Donna Mae Jackson SSDM Housing

The Hall Chairperson

Welcome to Mary Seacole Hall and by extension the University of the West Indies. Tertiary Education is no easy feat I applaud your desire to become a part of our family and look forward to meeting you at Orientation.

While University life is not a bed of roses this is where your life will be for the next few years. Make the most of the opportunities and privileges you are afforded. Make your University life one to remember. Don’t forget the reason you came, keep focused and motivated and you will have a successful tenure at the University.

Our activities are designed to allow each resident to find the perfect support for their ability, their aspiration, and their future. Our community is focused on academic interests, extracurricular activities, social engagements, community service, and off-campus programs which give every student a strong network of friends, while promoting a strong sense of activism and companionship that surpasses all others.

I must warn you that absolute freedom can be a dangerous thing, if you lose yourself I charge you to be replaced by a bigger, better you that will strive to excel in whatever sphere you are. Make the most of the year as I look forward to working with you all. So work hard, play hard and have a successful year.