Clubs & Societies

The clubs and societies on Mary Seacole Hall include:
Book Club
• Carivibé
• Mary Seacole Counsellors Always Ready to Empower Students (MSCARES)
• Sign Language Club
• Seacole Community of Professional Educators (SCOPE)
• Drama Shack/ChanSea Theatre Collective
• Kairos Beta-Campus Crusade for Christ International
• Music Society
• Advent Fellowship

ChanSea Theatre Collective (CTC) previously known as Drama Shack
Seacolites and Chancellorites have successfully formed a performing arts movement known as the ChanSea Theatre Collective. The start of this collaboration began with their Tallawah performance and has continued throughout the year where they have performed at several functions/meetings such as:

  •  World Aids Day
  •  Campus Safety Meeting
  •  Elect Her Flash Mob

Mary Seacole Sign Language Club
The Sign Language Group has always had an active presence on Mary Seacole Hall and this academic year they received membership of about 27 ladies with about 19 members being truly in active in the club. They have performed on several occasions such as:

  •  Evening of Praise
  •  Off Campus Seacolites Day
  •  Funeral of Elsa Ann Hubbard
  •  Chansea Christmas Dinner
  •  Aids Concert
  •  Hall Lighting
  •  Seacole Week

Music Society
 The society has an average attendance of 20 persons for choir rehearsals.
 The Band Division started Music Theory and Keyboard Classes with a total of 6 students beginning to learn the rudiments of music.

 The Choir Division performed at several events throughout the academic year such as: Ministry of Education Church Service (UWI Chapel), Seacole Hall Lighting, Seacole’s Evening of Praise, Chancellor’s Unashamed Gospel Concert, Taylor Hall Gospel Concert and Mary Seacole’s Church Service.