The First Year Experience (FYE) programme targets students who live on hall and are in their first year on campus. The programme is aimed at getting students to successfully integrate and make the transition to university life. Students are divided into five groups namely Besson, Gordon-Stair, Martin, Mathurin-Mair and Reynolds which are the names of accomplished and outstanding Alumni. The programme focuses on study skills, stress management, activism, and leadership. 

It also helps to model the kind of sisterly behavior that is expected of all who live on Mary Seacole hall in order to become “true Seacolites”. The programme is entertaining, exciting and fun. Students are given the opportunity to attend different events which include attending a concert, watching a play and going on trips together. 

The Second Year Programme- Ubuntu (‘I am Because You are’) for second year students who live on hall promotes volunteerism and service. Students have the option of being apart of 4 different groups in which they will remain for the entire year, where each group is focused on a different area of volunteerism. These are:

  • The Office of Special Student Services which provides support for students with disabilities.
  • The Hibiscus Project which provides assistance to children whose parents are incarcerated in the U.K.
  • The WROC group which provides assistance to the elderly 
    in the form of showing them how to use a computer and the students in turn learn how to prepare different meals.
  • Campus crusade for Christ aids in bringing the word of God to others through outreach and witnessing.

Each group is assigned a Student Facilitator to supervise and guide their activities and areas of volunteerism and volunteer hours are recorded.

The Third Year (TYP) Programme: Inspired Women Stepping out in Style is a programme designed specially for final year students. Its aim is to prepare these students for life after UWI and it seeks to enforce the University’s mission of producing well rounded graduates. The program is dubbed “Inspired Women- Stepping Out” as it provides our students with skills essential for the world of work and those that are pertinent to landing a good job. These include business etiquette, money management, interpersonal learning, emotional intelligence and leadership and the development of entrepreneurial skills. Students also have the opportunity to attend conferences and seminars throughout the year. 

The resident advisors along with the SSDM work closely with these students on creating their own personal objectives at the start of the program. These objectives are then explored and refined where necessary with the assigned resident advisor during the year.

        The Leadership Academy Programme:The Mary Seacole Hall Leadership Academy is a programme that offers select young women in Hall an opportunity to hone their leadership and interpersonal skills. The program is grounded in experiential learning mixed with stimulating presentations and conversations to build their communication and critical thinking skills. The progamme is designed to cultivate leadership excellence among the young women of Mary Seacole Hall and seeks to develop capacity for leadership in oral, written and field-based experiences. This year the programme will focus on the use of leadership as a tool for advocacy.

MSH has produced a cadre of women who have excelled in various fields and have influenced policies nationally and regionally. Many of these women credit their successes to the lessons they learnt at Mary Seacole Hall. We strive to continue this great legacy in a very deliberate manner through a structured leadership programme for students who demonstrate high leadership capacity and a strong desire to lead.