Facilities On Hall

The TV Room
If you are feeling tired, frustrated, on the verge of a breakdown… the TV room is here at your disposal. It is equipped with a colour TV, comfortable chairs and an air conditioning system. No food, animals or drinks are allowed inside.
The Laundry Room
Located on the ground floor of J block, washers and dryers are available for use and are operated by the use of tokens. Wash lines can be found in the lower quadrangle. This room is for Seacolites only! There is a general Laundromat at Irvine Hall
The Study Room
Open 24 hours every day, this room provides the perfect atmosphere for you to work towards your academic goals.
This new addition to the hall on the ground floor of J block caters to dining, studying and leisure activities.
You will find 12 bathrooms on hall at the end of each block. Sanitation is mandatory and sanitary disposal units have been placed for your convenience.
  The Computer Lab
Equipped with over fifteen (15) desktop and laptop outlets, each computer gives full internet access and access to Microsoft Office.
This exclusive lounge is air conditioned, boasts comfortable chairsand wireless internet service.
  The Pantry
Equipped with microwaves, refrigerators, freezers and stoves, eight (8) pantries are available. Outlets are available for food related electrical appliances. NO COOKING IN ROOMS!
  The Bee Spot Salon
Equipped with sinks, dryers, and all the necessary conveniences, you can get your hair and nails done.

The Senior Common Room
This room is used for more formal occasions such as meetings.