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Professional Services Unit

The Professional Services Unit (PSU) of the Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) is a Management Consulting and Executive Education Firm in Jamaica and the Caribbean focused on Business, Public Sector and Non-Government Organisations. Established in 2009, the main strategic objective of the PSU is to profitably diversify and grow the MSBM’s revenue stream and reduce its reliance on tuition fees.

Led by Dr William Lawrence, the PSU has leveraged a number of unique value propositions to successfully launch and enhance its competitive market positioning. These include:

  • Application of scholarly research to consulting assignments
  • A distinguished business-restructuring model used globally and endorsed internationally by the Turnaround Management Association and the Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • Comprehensive proprietary databases for management education and consulting
  • Leadership in the provision of project management education

With a client based comprised of nearly 50 blue-chip public private and NGO entities across a diverse range of industries, the PSU is well positioned to provide innovative solutions to clients. The PSU is organised along the following lines:

  • Executive Education
  • Scheduled Courses
  • Customised Training
  • Management Consulting
  • Short-term Contract Research

Executive Education: the PSU offers over 20 short-term programmes targeted to Executives, Senior Managers and Professionals including Project Management. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has named MSBM a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.). The R.E.P. designation validates that an organization meets or exceeds PMI’s rigorous quality standards and can deliver world-class, effective project management training and education.

Customised Training: the core focus is leadership development to build senior and middle managements’ conceptual, interpersonal, organisation and technical skills and change their behaviours. Customised training is comprised of:

  1. Short courses delivered “as is” from the scheduled courses to client organisations
  2. Short courses based on modifications to the contents of scheduled courses
  3. Short courses designed to fit the special needs of clients

Management Consulting: currently has two main practice areas, Strategic and Operations Management. Consulting services of the PSU have been led primarily by the market demand for business restructuring and transformation services for the large and medium sized organisations in the private, non-profit and public sectors of the Jamaican economy.

MSBM Roundtable: a key initiative launched in 2010 is the MSBM Roundtable Series - an annual forum where senior organizational leaders, in the Caribbean, find solutions to their most pressing problems by engaging international experts and academia in meaningful dialogue.

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