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Administrative Staff

Ms. Pauline Bennett

Accounting Officer

Mrs. Ingrid Bennett-Lewis

Project Officer

Mrs. Allison Blackwood-Higgins

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Annick Brissett

Administrative Secretary & Coordinator of the ERM Programme

Ms. Sandra Broomfield

Programme Coordinator

Ms. Adrienne Bullock

Library Assistant

Mrs. Marvalyn Campbell

Facilities and Support Services Manager

Mrs. Joy Davis

Office Attendant (Sundays)

Ms. Kerry-Ann Devonish

Office Attendant

Ms. Antonique Dixon

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Patricia Douce

Project Administrator

Mr. Leighton Duncan

Manager, Information Systems

Ms. Louise Forbes

Office Attendant

Ms. Katryn Graham

Accounting Clerk

Mr. Elijah Green

Administrative Assistant


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