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A. P. Crick, Cowell, N., and Branche, C., Managing in a kinder, gentler world of work: Emotional labour and workplace governance., in Human Resource Development and Workplace Governance in the Caribbean., Kingston: IRP, 2002, pp. 235- 52.
A. P. Crick, A competitive analytical approach to Health Tourism in Jamaica., SES Special Edition on Managing Health Care in Jamaica., vol. 51, pp. 27-39, 2002.
A. P. Crick, Where the Model Fails: An Analysis of a Food Tour Start Up in Jamaica, in CHRIE Conference, San Diego, 2014.
A. P. Crick, The 3 Ms of Service., in Jamaica Customer Service Association., 2010.
A. P. Crick, Equipping the new hospitality industry – Training resources in St. Lucia. Beyond Walls: Multi-disciplinary perspectives., in Saint Lucia Conference, 2004.
A. P. Crick and Cowell, N., Employee resistance and the service experience: A management perspective on the disconnect between employee behaviours and organizational interest., in MSBM’s 3rd International Tourism Conference, Iberostar Rose Hall Beach, Montego Bay, 2014.
A. P. Crick, Jamaica after Obama: A new paradigm? (opening remarks), the MSBM Public Forum. 2015.
A. P. Crick, Maerk, J., and Boxill, I., Tourism in the Caribbean. , in Personalized service in the small hotel sector, Plaza Valdez: , 2000, pp. 129-148.
A. P. Crick, Trust in Jamaican Institutions; The Past, The Present & Some Opportunities for the future, in JEF Business Convention, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 2011.
A. Crick, Create your cultural DNA and make amazing service experiences. 2016.
A. P. Crick, Developing a culture of service, (Guest Presentation)to the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) students. Department of Community Health and Psychiatry, 2015.
A. P. Crick, Leveraging experience in tackling change to enhance organization’s success., in HRMAJ Annual Conference, 2006.
A. P. Crick, “The fourth S in Caribbean Tourism: Creating smiles is big business and hard work”, in Academy of Business Conference, New Orleans, 2013.
A. P. Crick, Boxill, I., Maerk, J., and Taylor, O., Managing Emotional Displays in Tourism., in Tourism and Change in the Caribbean and Latin America, Kingston: Arawak Publications, 2002, pp. 162-78.
A. P. Crick, Complaining behaviour in Jamaican Millennials, in Mona School of Business & Management Conference, Montego Bay, 2015.
A. P. Crick, No Plantation Work Here: Contemporary HR practices in Caribbean Hotels, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, vol. 20, pp. 79-89, 2008.
A. P. Crick, Labour Productivity: opportunities and challenges in building a world class tourism industry, in National Productivity Conference, Tourism Practicioners’ Session., Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 2008.
A. P. Crick, EP/Small Hotels: Prospects for the future., in Mona Academic Conference., Kingston, Jamaica, 2005.
A. Crick, To develop cutting edge strategies that nurture, sustain and expand small tourism businesses. 2016.
A. P. Crick, Emotion and Aesthetics in the business of service: are we ready?, in Jamaica Customer Service Association Conference. , Kingston, Jamaica, 2004.
A. P. Crick, Health Tourism, Enhancing Competitiveness in a Developing Country Environment. 2001.
A. P. Crick and Jayawardena, C., From MacDonaldization to customization: Training the service worker in the new era., in Tourism Hospitality Education and Training in the Caribbean, Mona: University of the West Indies Press, 2002, pp. 265-76.
A. P. Crick, No Problem Mon: Buffering Guests from external shocks, in CSA Conference, Guadeloupe, 2012.
A. P. Crick, Emotion and Aesthetics in the business of service: are we ready?, in Jamaica Customer Service Association Conference. , Kingston, Jamaica, 2004.
A. P. Crick, Managing Organizational Culture to facilitate change, in A Change Management Symposium: Managing Organizational Change in the Global Environment., Mona School of Business, Kingston, Jamaica, 2004.
A. P. Crick, Hall, K. O., and Holding, R., EP/Small Hotels: Prospects for the future, in Tourism: The driver of change in the Jamaican economy, Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers, 2006.
A. P. Crick, Internal marketing of attitudes in Caribbean tourism., International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, vol. 15, pp. 161-6, 2003.
A. P. Crick, Glad to meet you - my best friend: relationships in the hospitality industry. , SES Special Edition on Managing Health Care in Jamaica., vol. 51, no. 1, pp. 99-125, 2002.
A. P. Crick, Concepts vs. Packages: Unravelling the Jamaican All-inclusive, in University of Technology Business Hospitality & Tourism Conference, Kingston, Jamaica, 2009.
A. P. Crick, Mistrust in Jamaican Organizations, Jamaica Employers Federation (JEF) Seminar. Kingston, Jamaica, 2011.


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