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Whose Responsibility is it? #15

I have found myself “incarcerated” at a Rehabilitation Hospital in Miami after some surgery and this has placed me in a situation of having nothing else to watch other than the USA Electoral campaign featuring Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. It has been unimaginative and nasty for several months but with 8 days to go, there has been a distinct but subtle change of strategy coming from the Trump teams that seems to get them the lion’s share of television assistance, even from those networks that would openly support Mrs. Clinton.

I have been counting the number of the minutes given per hour outside of paid advertising by both campaign teams. The expert analysts’ hours spent in discussion and their “expert” opinions are by far over (80%) discussing the Clinton campaign and only the numerous charges. But the surprising fact is that this is mainly negative publicity providing the public a number of further doubts and fears, and giving Donald Trump a “free play” for focusing on the States that he really needs to swing. So he may still be “Mr. Bad Boy” but there is not enough airtime for the Clinton team to expose him. As in Monopoly he has gone straight to “Go” and collected $200. He therefore has a chance to say the things that may be controversial, or which may appeal to targeted audiences; however there is no time left on the airwaves for Mrs. Clinton to attack or rebut Mr. Trump. It is almost too good to be true for the Trump camp.

There is a constant stream of negative issues: missing emails; newly found emails; FBI investigations out of the blue with no prior warning; contributions of larger sums of questionable to Bill Clinton; the response of The Clinton Foundation saying it will no longer receive donations from interests outside of the USA; all seem to require “cover-up” responses. Perhaps the most stupid comment was the analogy of wanting to take Trump out behind the gym for a good fist fight.

There is no room for rebuttal or attack. In cricket we would comment that the batsman is only able to cover up and play off the back foot; no time for attacking strokes. So the Clinton team rules the airwaves and it is all in a very negative way. There is no room for the delivery of any important policies or goals. It is a totally Shaggy time; “it wasn’t me”! Meanwhile back at the ranch Donald “the Duck” continues to live the wild Disney life totally unrestricted; and yes “maybe dreams will come true”.

At this time even Europe seems tense and the word “impossible” has new meaning for them after the BREXIT results. Large EU firms are really thinking about their options if Trump wins and they don’t see business as usual. Those in the really large logistics and marine technology are perhaps the most jittery. What an opportunity for Jamaica to sell a backup location.

If I was to make a guess then I would be courting the Swiss Giant ABB as Jamaica could be a hub for their high technology and high value engineering controls particularly in the Maritime industry.

So let’s assume any possible outcome in the USA and plan accordingly.

Executive Insights
From the Desk of James Moss- Solomon
Executive in Residence, MSBM
October 30, 2016
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